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Zynga To Launch Their Unrevealed Star Wars Game This Year

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It has been revealed that Zynga are making a new Star Wars mobile game that will launch by the end of this year.


Zynga is the developer behind the popular Words With Friends and Farmville games that were incredibly popular on mobile and Facebook a few years ago, so expect the game to be more in line with those, rather than something like Jedi: Fallen Order on your mobile.


Nothing has been announced about the game’s content yet, though we won’t have to wait too long for more updates. The company did reveal in an earnings report that it might soft launch the game in the summer, like a beta test of sorts:


We also expect our first Star Wars game to enter soft launch in early summer with the potential to launch by the end of the year.

There’ll be more news on the Star Wars title as we progress into the first part of this year.


Zynga has released a licensed tie-in game before. Last year, they launched Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells, which was a Bejewelled-type game with Harry Potter branding. It would suggest that this is the type of game we’ll be seeing, but the fact that they recently opened a new branch in Austin, Texas does suggest something different. Zynga also announced that it had a “mission of bringing AAA console visuals and deep, compelling gameplay to mobile platforms”, which suggests that they could be doing something slightly more story driven than a Bejewelled or Candy Crush clone.


There are a number of game genres that Zynga could tap into through a Star Wars lens.  Tower defense and real-time strategy games are popular on mobile and would provide gamers with another avenue to play out Rebels vs Empire battles, or they could be looking to reappropriate the Farmville model with a Star Wars influence. It wouldn’t be difficult to imagine gamers having to build and maintain a moisture farm on Tatooine every day.


Whatever the Star Wars mobile game is that Zynga are making, we’ll know more about it in the next few months.