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‘Star Wars: Squadrons’ Adding Two New Starfighters And More

B-wing and TIE Defender in Star Wars Squadrons


Motive Studios has announced that new content is coming to Star Wars: Squadrons, after previously saying they would not be providing any more content updates for the game.


The developer announced via an EA blog post that a number of new additions will be arriving in November and December 2020, such as the B-wing and TIE Defender fighters, plus a new multiplayer map.


On November 25, players will be getting a new multiplayer map in the form of Fostar Haven, a highly requested addition from the game’s prologue section. This map will be added to both the Fleet Battles and Dogfight game modes. Motive say that the map has been updated to provide a new experience that fits in well with the other maps, so it will look a little different than it did in the game’s campaign.


Four additional components will also arrive, which can be used depending on the different classes of starfighters:


  • The Boost Extension Kit can be used by Bombers and Fighters and gives your fighter a full boost when activated
  • Ion Rockets can be used by Interceptors and Fighters and are particularly useful against capital ships and flagships
  • Prototype Piercing Torpedoes can be used by Bombers and Fighters. They pack less punch than regular torpedoes but possess the ability to bypass a flagship or capital ship’s shields
  • The Anti-Material Rocket Turret can be used by the U-wing or TIE Reaper, and it can be deployed to target flagship sub-systems, capital ships, and other turrets


Then in December, players will be able to pilot the B-wing for the Republic (seen at the Battle of Endor in Return of the Jedi and in Star Wars Rebels) and the TIE Defender for the Imperials (Grand Admiral Thrawn’s pet project in Star Wars Rebels). The B-wing will operate as another Bomber class, with its own unique features in the form of its gyro cockpit and swivelling wings. Players will also be able to choose a different skin to match its appearance in Return of the Jedi. The TIE Defender will be categorized as a Fighter class, and will possess the superior shielding that made it so impervious when it was introduced in Star Wars Rebels.


One final addition is the implementation of Custom Matches, so you can organise private games with your friends rather than be forced to play online with strangers.


No one was really expecting Motive to add more features to Star Wars: Squadrons, so this bit of news is a very welcome surprise. It’s the (supposedly) final touch the game deserves before Motive Studios moves on to its next project.