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‘The Mandalorian’ Rumor: Pedro Pascal Spent More Time In Costume For Season 2

The Mandalorian
Contrary to popular belief, most of the time the actor(s) physically playing the title role of The Mandalorian in season 1 is not Pedro Pascal, but is split between the actor’s stuntmen, Brendan Wayne and Lateef Crowder. However, a new report suggests that this time around, Pascal will be spending more time in the suit of armor than he did in the show’s first season.


One reason why he didn’t film a whole lot of content for the first season boils down to a pretty pragmatic production limitation: he wasn’t available at the time. From the end of February 2019 to the start of June, Pascal portrayed Edmund in a Broadway revival of William Shakespeare’s King Lear, and prior to that, he was rehearsing for the play, leaving him unavailable to film most of the scenes. The one big exception is the face reveal in the eighth episode, which necessitated Pascal’s presence, which was likely shot at the end of principal photography or in additional photography. But with no outside commitment to the filming of the second season, a new report suggests that Pascal will be filming several scenes in the armor this time around.


Bespin Bulletin has recently heard rumors suggesting Pascal’s role is much more physical this time around, because he will actually be filming more in the suit than just providing his voice. They aren’t sure why that is, but they speculate that this could mean that we’ll see more of Din Djarin without the mask this time around, in spite of the apparent rule that the Mandalorians have to keep their helmets on. You can read his thoughts below:



After the face reveal at the end of season one, it is possible there will be more scenes where ‘Mando’ isn’t wearing a helmet going forward. While this may be justified for story purposes, it would also serve to address one of the largest criticisms about the character by allowing the audience to see his face. In any case, it will be cool to see Pascal in the suit acting in scenes where he’s fully-armored as well, should this rumor prove to be accurate. Just logically speaking, if Pascal spends just two scenes of the entire second season in the suit, he doubles his time from the first season, which would justify the rumor. So it’s a safe rumor from a common sense standpoint at the very least.


All seven seasons of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the first season of Star Wars: The Mandalorian are streaming exclusively through Disney+. Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian, a documentary about the latter series, is currently airing right now, and a second season of The Mandalorian will air starting in October.