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RUMOR: Star Wars Episode IX Casting for a Character Codenamed “CARO”

Hot off the trails of their “MARA” rumor, That Hashtag Show is back with another report suggesting Lucasfilm is casting for a role codenamed “CARO” for Star Wars: Episode IX.


THS reports that the casting team is looking to cast an African American actress to portray this new character. Their official report is as follows:

Casting director Nina Gold is on the hunt for an “ethnic female”, with a strong preference for an African-American, 18-26 years old, to portray a character by the name of Caro. Caro is described as having a “captivating naturalness and ease to her manner.” Caro is a “leader and problem solver, smart with a great sense of humor and a strong will. All this comes to her effortlessly.”

That’s all off the information they presented, and again we can’t stress enough that this can be referred to as nothing more than a rumor at this point.


I, however have a theory: perhaps this character was Lando Calrissian’s daughter, as this opportunity would present an easy way to write the long-absent Lando back into the Star Wars saga after sitting out the first two parts of the sequel trilogy. We’ll just have to wait a few more months until the official casting announcement is made available, but for now, any morsel of info is appreciated.