UPDATE! Harrison Ford Interrupts Alden Ehrenreich’s ‘Solo’ Interview, Plus Multiple Press Events With the Cast

Solo: A Star Wars Story finally hits theaters in less than two weeks. As Star Wars mania rockets to a fever pitch only days away from the latest installment of the series, the cast is out doing the usual press junkets to promote its release. All of the featured interviews below a pretty spoiler free, so you can safely proceed.


Harrison Ford just crashed Cameron Mathison’s interview with Alden Ehrenreich on Entertainment Tonight during a junket for Solo: A Star Wars Story in Pasadena. Ehrenreich was answering a question about what advice Ford gave him when they met before production on Solo kicked off. Suddenly, he was interrupted by none other than Harrison Ford himself, telling him to “Get out of my chair [and] get out of my life”. The young actor clearly couldn’t contain his excitement and was completely surprised by the move.





Updated with the full video interview below:





Also, Jake Hamilton sat down with Solo: A Star Wars Story cast members to discuss the latest film in the galactic franchise.






The cast also appeared live on Facebook answering fan questions, and obviously having a great time:





Twitter also had part in the Solo promo campaign. Below you can see the cast also replying to fans’ questions:
































Solo: A Star Wars Story hits theaters on May 25.



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