We Should All Be Very Excited Sana Starros Is In The Han and Lando Novel, Last Shot

The official Star Wars website released a new excerpt from the forthcoming Last Shot by Daniel José Older. While that’s enough to get excited about on it’s own, the real boon is Sana Starros. For those unfamiliar, Sana is a regular character in the Marvel Star Wars comics that center around Leia, Luke, and Han. This is another great expansion we get on an already well established character for comic book fans.



Sana Starros originally showed up in Marvel’s Star Wars #8 – at least that was when she revealed herself – as she’d appeared early on in the series as a mysterious bounty hunter trying to track down Han. No, she wasn’t working for Jabba, she was looking for Han because he’s her husband. Well, that’s not entirely accurate either since their marriage was a part of a scam, and Sana was more concerned about getting her share of a robbery where they posed as husband and wife. Eventually, they sort out their problems, and Sana has been a pretty consistent part of the Star Wars book since then. She’s become a favorite among fans and the comic review staff here at SWNN. I couldn’t be happier that we are going to see her show-up in other mediums – as her recent absence from the last few issues of the series has been very much noticed. The last time we saw her was in Marvel’s Doctor Aphra #21, and if anyone over at Marvel or Lucasfilm is reading, it’s time to bring Sana back onto the pages (though it looks like she’s coming back in the Star Wars Annual, to be released in late May).



The excerpt features Han, Chewie, and Sana literally blasting their way out of Maz’s Castle on Takodana. What’s unclear to me is at what point in the timeline of events this takes place – since the novel is said to jump around some events of Han and Lando’s friendship. Whatever it is, we only have a couple more weeks to wait.


“What was that—” Han yelled, and then a blaster shot shrieked through the air from the doorway.

Han was on the floor before he’d realized he’d jumped for cover. Above him, Maz dished out rushed commands as the few patrons left screamed and ducked under tables. Sana flew past, let off two shots toward the door, and glared at Han. “You coming?”

Another shot fizzed and then thunked against the bar right by Han’s head. “Coming!” he yelled, hopping up and dashing for the back exit behind Sana. “Who did you piss off now?” he demanded as they broke out into the thick Takodanan night.

“Bounty hunters,” Sana said. “Mean ones.”

“Is there a nice kind?”

The wall beside Han exploded, showering them both with debris as they hurtled out of the way. “That wasn’t a regular blaster,” Han said, glancing up. A cruel reptilian face glared out from the lit door­way. “You got us tangled up with a Trandoshan?”

“I told you it was mean bounty hunters,” Sana said.


You can read the full excerpt over at StarWars.com. The addition of Sana Starros to Last Shot makes this novel a must have for fans of the comics. Last Shot is written by Daniel José Older and will be released April 17. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m getting more and more excited for Solo, and this is one more thing that will help tide me over until we get to May.


SOURCE: StarWars.com



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Kyle Larson lives in Portland, Oregon. When he's not running trails, he's reading and writing.

Kyle Larson

Kyle Larson lives in Portland, Oregon. When he's not running trails, he's reading and writing.