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Meet Han and Lando’s Crew in Del Rey’s Latest Novel – Star Wars: Last Shot

Image via Del Rey


Yesterday, shortly after we shared our first thoughts on Del Rey’s latest Star Wars novel, Last Shot by Daniel José Older, the publisher tweeted several images to get fans acquainted with the team that tags along with Han and Lando in their latest adventure, set about a year after the Battle of Jakku. Read on to check out the team…





Now an impresario in the droid industry, Lando is no longer the baron of Cloud City, but he is still an important figure on Bespin, and when his home is threatened by an old enemy, he calls on an old friend to help track him down.




An old flame of Lando’s, Kaasha is a beautiful blue-skinned Twi’lek woman that stirs up all kinds of feelings in the old scoundrel, feelings he doesn’t really know what to do with. She is an expert military strategist, and a master Dejarik player who is not content to let the Wookiee win.




Florx is Lando’s right-hand man when it comes to droid maintenance. He does amazing work…that is, if you can catch him between naps.




After parting ways from his best friend after the liberation of Kashyyyk, Chewbacca has been catching up for lost time on his homeworld with his family. But when a mysterious enemy kidnaps a group of Wookiee children, Chewie joins forces with Han and Lando once again to rescue…or recover what’s left of them.




Peekpa is somewhat of a prodigy when it comes to technology. While she understands Basic, her inability to speak it (and the fact that most of the team don’t speak Ewokese) makes for some hilarious moments of frustration along the way. After Chewbacca saved her sister’s life on Endor, Peekpa has developed quite an obsession with the Wookiee.




When Han and Lando, two of the greatest pilots in the galaxy, are forced to remain inconspicuous on their mission, it becomes necessary to find a pilot that can get the job done. It’s obvious that Taka is a skilled pilot, but Han and Lando soon find that there is more to this mysterious scoundrel than meets the eye.




Han has settled down with his wife and son on Chandrila, but his soul remains less so. Feeling like a perpetual failure as a father and a husband, Han longs for the comfort of space, which also brings him no small amount of guilt. When Lando shows up at his door, Han is pulled right back into the mess, but will he be able to reconcile the man he used to be with the man his family needs?




You can read our first thoughts on Last Shot here, and stay tuned for our full review on Tuesday April 17th, when the novel will be officially released.