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Humor: Star Wars Author Chuck Wendig Explains Han Solo’s Rescue From Jabba’s Palace

In response to a recent challenge from Mike Ryan from Uproxx daring anyone to try to explain the plan behind Han Solo’s rescue in Return of the Jedi, Star Wars author Chuck Wendig took to his blog to meet said challenge. After recognizing that Star Wars has always been more about heart than sound logic and admitting that this is a question that kid Chuck never even wondered about, he makes an attempt to explain the logic behind Luke’s plan to infiltrate Jabba’s palace. When you’re a Star Wars fan, you try to rationalize and explain every action and motivation of every character and every plot point down to the most minute detail – it’s just what you do.


In an attempt to explain the Han Solo Heist (because, as Chuck explains, it was indeed a heist), the author details the role and objective of every character, pointing out that the larger plan is actually a culmination of various fail-safes put into place to ensure a positive outcome based on the probability that success would be found by other means should one portion of the plan not go as hoped for, given the crew’s specific areas of expertise. Along the way, Chuck deduces something that we have always suspected but never really admitted – R2-D2 is a Jedi.



That’s right folks, you heard me correctly; R2-D2 can manipulate the Force to his advantage. Think about it…how else would he be able to work himself into just the right position all throughout the saga to be able to save the day time and time again like he always does? Artoo is the savior of the Star Wars universe. You know it, I know it, and Chuck knows it. Along with this mind-blowing revelation, Chuck goes on to explain the part that each character of the “Skywalker Six” had to play. You can read an excerpt from his post below, but head over to TerribleMinds to read the full article.


(from Chuck’s blog TerribleMinds):

Before we begin, this is what you need to understand about this Skywalker Six heist — it’s not just a single-serving plan, but rather, a series of failsafe sub-plans that culminate in the kind of extraction and result you’d get if you were all sitting around a roleplaying game table trying to get your characters to perform any complicated task (robbing a bank, invading a country, scheduling and hosting a galactic orgy). It’s less a “finely-tuned machine” of a plan and more the “Millennium Falcon” plan — it’s a ship, once designed for a purpose and since re-purposed with spare parts and swaddling tape and lots and lots of hope. Probably some midichlorians. That’s right, the Falcon is a Jedi. You know it. I know it. Artoo and the Falcon are basically the masterminds behind the entire Star Wars series — and you can learn more in my upcoming novel, Artoo and the Falcon, coming out from Del Rey Star Wars in May, 2042.



Lando has to go in first. He’s their scout. He hides in plain sight as a guard in the palace, and he’s just chilling there. One might ask, how does he get a job there, but you have to take for granted that he’s one of the galaxy’s greatest swindlers and con artists — if anybody can con his way into a job at the den of iniquity belonging to a greasy butt-slug, well, it’s Lando Motherf***ing Calrissian. Plus, Jabba’s gang doesn’t seem to be particularly discerning in terms of its employment practices, do they? From blubbery rancor keepers to murderous Twi’lek dancers to crummy bounty hunters, Jabba keeps a pretty cruddy crew around. I don’t get the sense he’s really in charge of hiring practices, either. Whatever shitty LinkedIn variant they use, it isn’t working. Point being, Lando is there.



The droids are utility players. Luke offers them up as a “gift,” knowing that his threat against Jabba won’t work — Jabba’s not a pushover, he’s not going to be like, “Whoa, what, a couple of droids? For Han Solo? F***ING SWEET. Boshuuuuda, motherf***ers, I hit the lottery. Somebody get Solo down off the wall. Dengar, you do it. Don’t give me that look, Dengar, you diaper-wearing scum, just do what I say or you’ll be rancor chum.”

And you can already see what Luke is doing here with this plan — he’s basically stacking the deck with his best players. He’s putting into play a number of critical assets, all hidden in plain sight, all able to be on-scene when the shit goes down. At any point, the plan could work and they could get Solo, and if that happens, it doesn’t end with barbecued Hutt-slug, but in place are also a series of failsafes — if the plan foils at Point A, they move to Plan B, and if that fails, then Plan C, and on and on, until, well, crispy strangled Hutt.



Chuck goes on to explain the roles of Leia and Chewie and how Leia’s plan, had it been successful, would have been the final step in rescuing Han Solo, relying on Lando to break out Chewie and Artoo to do what he always does and get himself and Threepio out from under Hutt servitude. But alas, it failed when Jabba had mysteriously hidden himself and his entire cabal in a small nook of his palace (which Chuck points out is possibly the biggest mystery of them all). Chuck continues…



From here on out, it’s Skywalker, the big gun, showing up and knowing he’s going to need his whole team for total extraction. And here the question might be, well, why doesn’t Luke just go in by himself right at the beginning? He could’ve, but that would leave him vulnerable at several steps along the way — getting Solo down and out is a task all unto itself. He needs assets in play. And the palace is stacked now with friendly faces. All of whom come into play at various points of the plan’s execution.



Chuck explains that once Luke’s lightsaber comes out, all of the various sub-plans come together into one cohesive larger plan to kill Jabba and get the team to safety. As Chuck admits, it’s a little clumsy, but with so many assets in play, the mission had a decent chance for success from the start. With only one of them doing their part, the heist would have failed miserably, but working together, they were able to swing the odds in their favor and give everyone’s favorite smuggler a chance to die another day.


So, what do you think? Anyone else care to meet the challenge?



Jordan Pate is Co-Lead Editor and Senior Writer for Star Wars News Net, of which he is also a member of the book and comic review team. He loves all things Star Wars, but when he’s not spending time in the galaxy far far away, he might be found in our own galaxy hanging out in Gotham City or at 1407 Graymalkin Lane, Salem Center, NY.


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