The Resistance Broadcast – The Last Jedi vs Rogue One: Battle of the Scores

On this episode of The Resistance Broadcast, we discuss….

Poll Results; Is The Force With You?; Star Wars Wars: Battle Of The Scores – Rogue One vs. The Last Jedi; Resistance Expanded Universe; Final Thoughts.


Leaders of the Resistance: John HoeyJames BaneyBill SheehyPatric Covey.







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TSWS shows off 360° visual of the ‘SOLO’ Falcon: here

TLJ wins best movie for grownups: here

Bob Iger reveals that multiple Star Wars shows are in development: here


We had our Battle of the Scores this week and this one was all about the ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ score by Michael Giacchino and the ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ score by John Williams. Both have personal pros and cons in our books, but what do you think? Are you a fan of the more original themes of the Giacchino score or all about those John Williams nostalgia feels? Tell us who you thought won and leave your thoughts on this Star Wars War and any other topics in the comments below.


This week we reacted to an animation created by Tim Gray where he took a piece of concept art from “The Art of Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and brought it to life. Even though there is probably no way this could possibly be canon given the events of the Battle of Jakku in 5 ABY, it is still very cool to see what could have possibly been the vision of JJ Abrams in the opening of the film.




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Founder of SWNN, MNN and The Cantina forums.Born on April 24, 1980.

One thought on “The Resistance Broadcast – The Last Jedi vs Rogue One: Battle of the Scores

  • February 15, 2018 at 5:20 pm

    Nobody beats John Williams. Although Giacchino did some great stuff with the R1 score in a short period of time. The two new major themes in the Last Jedi are excellent additions to the musical canon. Rose’s Theme is playful and beautiful. Luke’s island solitude theme is great as well.

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