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The Last Jedi: Laura Dern Reveals a New Photo of Holdo and Talks About Carrie Fisher

Acclaimed actress and new addition to the Star Wars galaxy Laura Dern appeared on Ellen to discuss The Last Jedi, working with Carrie Fisher, and lightly dish on her new character Admiral Amilyn Holdo.



The two-time Academy Award nominated actress appeared on Ellen, and in the clip she briefly talks about her new “secretive” character in The Last Jedi, which we know to be an Admiral in The Resistance, Amilyn Holdo, and brought a new photo with her!


At the end of the clip, Dern talks about working with the late great Carrie Fisher, who paved the way for women in Star Wars forty years ago in the original film. It goes without saying that without Leia, and especially Carrie’s knockout performances, characters like Holdo may never have materialized, so it is nice to see Carrie getting her recognition.



Here is the full clip with Ellen here:







Fans who are into the novels will recall Holdo appearing in Claudia Gray’s new book Leia: Princess of Alderaan, where we discover Leia and Holdo have known each other for decades.



Leia and Holdo met at a school for future leaders (for lack of a better phrase), and became fast friends. As Leia uncovers the secret organization on Crate, Holdo is behind her all the way, especially after they come to realize it is the rebellion led by Leia’s parents. She is a “tried and true” friend. Considering the Resistance is heading back to Crate in The Last Jedi, this adds levels of depth into the relationship between the two in the movie, bringing forth a lot of history, from a personal and location perspective.





In the background we see a BB unit of some kind. This brings us back to Force Friday in early September, when we discovered new BB-units via new toy lines for The Last Jedi. You can revisit that piece here. Also, we shared with you an update via the databank, sharing a closer look at the new BB-units here! Through the merchandise leaks and releases we came to find out that this flat top little droid’s name is 2BB-2. Let’s be honest, there can never be enough droids in Star Wars!







Some of our readers sent some observations our way, including who the actress on the right side of the shot may be:



Is that Emun Elliott’s Brance directly in the back? (who was a cameo role in The Force Awakens)




One of our readers even joked that the character on the bottom left looks like a young version of “The Maker” himself!



Last but not least, how can we forget Vober Dand! It’s good to see him back in the mix in The Last Jedi too! (Thanks @LethalShadow01!)




I don’t know, but the more I look at this photo the more I see some of the similarities our readers have pointed out. What do you think? Do you see anyone/anything else we haven’t spotted?


More importantly what do you think of Admiral Amilyn Holdo? We are super excited to see what Laura Dern brings to the Star Wars saga with Holdo in The Last Jedi, and lucky for us, we are only 56 days away from meeting her on screen!


SOURCE: Ellen via Reddit



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