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Ron Howard Reveals the Interior of a Certain Smuggler’s Speeder in the Han Solo Film!

Han Solo director Ron Howard continues to tease us with small glimpses from the set, this time revealing the cool interior design of the vehicle that Solo will drive in the movie. While the photo hasn’t been titled in any way to suggest that this is Solo’s speeder, there are multiple clues that prove it.






Here’s Howard’s new tweet:





The biggest clue that hints at this being Solo behind the wheel are of course the gloves. Han used them several times during the original trilogy.




Also you immediately recognize these stripes (once known as bloodstripes in Legends) on the side of the pants. It seems that these pants have been through a lot in the new movie though.




Now about the speeder itself. A few months ago, during the filming at Fawley Power Station we’ve seen several speeders in what appeared to be a chase scene at an Imperial looking compound.



In the photo above you can see Alden Ehrenreich’s stunt double wearing the famous Han Solo gloves and driving the speeder followed by two other speeders, one of which was driven by a Stormtrooper and bearing the Imperial insignia.


In closer photos you can easily spot the specific steering wheel of the speeder:




In some of the shots they used a normal round wheel with added green tape that can be easily removed later in post production. It’s likely a full wheel because the stunt driver needed it for certain turning/steering maneuvers:




So what do you think? Do you like Han’s speeder? Is it Star Wars-ey enough for you? We personally hope that these pants are not the same Han wears in A New Hope.