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The Resistance Broadcast – Episode 75 – Legends of Luke and the Knights of Porg

In this episode of The Resistance Broadcast, we discuss…

Ron Howard (his new moniker being the “anti-JJ”) gives us glimpses into the Untitled Han Solo Spinoff Set; Inferno Squad Excerpt and Final Dicussion Before Release; “Journey To Star Wars: The Last Jedi” Synopsis by Del Rey Released; Poll Results and Discussion; Scoundrel’s Rundown with John Hoey; Is The Force With You OR Not With You; Final Thoughts.



Host: Patric Covey
Leaders of the Resistance: Bill Sheehy, James Baney, John Hoey






To learn more about all the books coming this fall and winter from Del Rey, including the brand new Canto Bight novel, check out these amazing synopses.




This week on “The Star Wars Show”, Lucasfilm revealed the new Tie Fighter by Kylo Ren. To learn more about the Tie Silencer, click here.

If you want to check out Venamis’ (Eli Hyder) Knights of Ren Concept Art, click here.


Recently, when Rian Johnson was asked on Twitter if he were interested in returning to the Star Wars franchise, this is what he had to say:





If you have not already heard, writer Dan Brooks dropped the news that the new cute creatures from Ahch’to that will appear beside our cast are called Porgs. You can learn all about porgs and porglets here.


Porg Sketches by Stephanie Kardos



Speaking of porgs, it seems that Chewie likes them as well. :)


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