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Darth Vader Actor Spencer Wilding Confirms He Is Not Part Of The Han Solo Standalone Film

Two days ago we told you that according to FandomFest, actor Spencer Wilding cancelled his appearance on their fest because of the filming of the new ‘Han Solo’ movie. Many fans got excited that this could mean that we will see Darth Vader, who the actor portrayed in Rogue One (before the reshoots happened and his few scenes never actually made the final cut) in the Ron Howard directed movie. We also said that our sources told us that he is not playing Vader in ‘Han Solo’, but probably a random alien creature. Now it appears that Wilding not only won’t play a creature in the movie, but he won’t play anything at all…



Spencer Wilding took to his personal Facebook account to debunk the rumors started by FandomFest that he will be in the ‘Han Solo’ movie:


Hi guys and to all the world of fans from #Starwars there is a rumor out there that is saying am in the new #HanSolo film … wot it is I hat to cancel on a show called #Fandomfest.com state side because I am doing a #Charity visit at a school called Cobram secondary college & a special needs school over in lovely Australia to meet all the #Awesome kids and very talented kids that they are very impressive:-) … so just to let u all no I am 💯 % not filming on starwars… the comic con promoters of the show put 1on1 together and got 69 lol and they just try to guess y I canceled and came up with that … so sorry guys defo not true they have removed it of there site now . Star Wars is such s huge show and it’s amazing how a rumor like that can spread so fast so we have nipped it in the bud . I can’t wait to see HanSolo as much as u lot so for now. U all keep safe out kids be careful crossing the rd and do good in school and follow them dreams and MAY THE FORCE BE WITH U xx



There you have it. No Spencer Wilding in ‘Han Solo’.

Special thanks to Craig Jones for the heads up.



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