The Resistance Broadcast – Episode 73 – Black Series Goofballs with Alex Backes of Black Series Rebels

This week on The Resistance Broadcast, we talk about…

THR Shares More News Regarding Han Solo Spinoff; Bob Iger Talks Ron Howard And The Han Solo Spinoff; Mark Hamill To Receive Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame; Disney Drops Trailer And Details On ‘Forces of Destiny’; Ron Howard Defended Jake Lloyd From Press Thrashing During TPM; Collider Best Theories Of TLJ Compilation; Alex’s TLJ Finn Theory; Weekly Poll Results; Is The Force With You OR Not With You?



Host: Patric Covey
Guests: Bill Sheehy, John Hoey, James Baney, Alex Backes






Black Series is a laid back, “Wayne’s World”-esque show that focuses on Star Wars and not necessarily the news on the franchise. It’s more about fandom and bringing people in the fan community together. It is hosted weekly by Alex (@alex_backes) and Steve (@RexManning), two cool dudes in SoCal that both met through Second City and bonded over hockey and Star Wars. Already 4 episodes into their series, they are growing quickly in the fan community and their show is well received by many. They have already had guests on from the infamous Steele Saunders of the Steele Wars podcast (Ep. 3) and Emmy nominated writer of Key and Peele: Alex Rubens (Ep. 4). Don’t take our word for it! Check out their first four episodes here.


Check out these 10 Collider Theories for The Last Jedi here.


To learn more about “Forces of Destiny” and to check out the brand new trailer here.


To check out the website where Black Series Rebels got their saber from, check out Saber Bay here.


Pablo Hildago teases fans yet again with his interpretation of the Episode VIII crawl:





Only because Bill mentioned it…



To learn more about Alex, Steve, and Black Series Rebels, go to Audio versions of their show are also available for fans always on the move.

To support Black Series Rebels, you can purchase their themed pins which will have limited 100 set runs. These pins will be sold at released dates which can be found on the Black Series Rebels Twitter found HERE.

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As stated by Alex, pins will run for $12 each (shipping rates will vary by region)

They also offer t-shirts and other merch will be coming soon. Most of the proceeds go towards the production and benefit of making the show amazing for all the fans. You can find this all at


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