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Rumor on the Star Wars Game by Visceral and the Han Solo Spin-off Movie.

It seems like we’re long overdue on an official announcement regarding the Visceral Games Star Wars title, which is said to be the same style of action-adventure game as Uncharted. For now, we’ve heard a rumor about the game they’re making, and how development of one of the new movies has affected its development.



Two years ago, an informant of ours told us that an acquaintance he knew was working on a Star Wars game for Electronic Arts – specifically, their Visceral Games division. At the time, our informant told us that their acquaintance suggested that the game they were working on would be about a young Han Solo and would most likely come out in the same year that one of the spin-off movies would be released. Later, the same source expected a teaser for the game to be shown at E3 2015, but this did not come to pass.


From our informant:

As I told you my first source left and was mystified when it wasn’t announced at that years E3. He said the game was ready to be shown. Then he left EA and I didn’t hear much until recently. Anyway the guy who was brought in says that the staff who are left who were originally on the project felt that when they brought in the new lady they were scrambling to rewrite / redo almost the entire project because they were worried about stepping on the toes of the movie being made.



“That other lady”, of course, refers to Jade Raymond (Assassin’s Creed), who was hired later on to assist Amy Hennig (Uncharted) on the project. Continuing with the story:

Long story short. Source A and Source B and I were drinking and Source A asked B what was up with the game and why it wasn’t out. I didn’t even know B was working on the project at this point. B said the games been redesigned (plot wise, the art and stuff while obviously improved is largely the same as its still the SW universe). A asked why, B said he got the vibe that it was because it was covering too much of the same ground as the solo film project. A said that made sense as (like I previously told you) he got the vibe the story parts of the game were actually being directed by people at Lucas Film and not the creative team. Now the game is about some random smuggler and a largely different plot. It sounds like some of the baddies may be the same but it’s largely a new plot. So now it’s a totally different project with similar themes.



If the rumors are true, then it’s likely that most of the gameplay set-pieces will remain unchanged so much as the story itself should be revised. Odds are, this game won’t come out until a year after the Battlefront sequel is released, and EA will most likely promote that game first as it’s closer to completion. Still, we *might* get a glimpse of this at either Celebration or E3, so hopefully we’ll know more about the project sooner rather than later.