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Star Wars Weekly Buzz: Pablo Hidalgo Talks Kyber Crystals; The Cover for the Rogue One Novelization Revealed and More


This week on our Star Wars weekly buzz:

Del Rey reveals the cover of the Rogue One novelization, Topps cards share the name of the mysterious female X-Wing pilot, Pablo Hidalgo answers many questions about the Kyber Crystals and more…



This week we start with Del Rey’s official reveal of the cover for the Rogue One novelization, written by Alexander Freed:



As it was with The Force Awakens, the book uses the official movie poster for its cover.






We’re almost there. Stay tuned for our review of Catalyst in 4 days!




An interesting discovery made by our friends at Prensa Imperial from the latest Rogue One international trailer :





The official Star Wars site released two character cards from Rogue One:






You probably remember this article we posted back in 2015. It was showing a tiny statuette in Anakin’s home from The Phantom Menace that greatly resembled Maz Kanata. Now officially addressed that curious fact:






A few weeks ago several Topps cards have been revealed with characters from Rogue One. One of the cards featured a blond female X-Wing pilot, whose name was not shown. Many fans speculated that because of the visual similarities she could be Evaan Verlaine, who was first introduced by the Leai comic book. Now Topps revealed the name of the character putting an end to that theory:







A new upcoming sticker encyclopedia promises lots of Rogue One information:







Peter Mayhew shared a very cool old video on Twitter:






Very cool fan art by Matt Rhodes from ILM’s VFX Challenge:






The Star Wars Aftershow:

This week on The Star Wars After Show; Andi Gutierrez sits down with Lucasfilm employees and Star Wars Fans Justin Bolger, Mike Jutan, and Lucas O. Seastrom to talk about how much we love K2-SO, the new Rogue One TV Spot, Star Wars wax figures and more!




Brief offtopic with the great Mark Hamill.

Interview with Mark Hamill at 10th Annual Comedy Celebration. He briefly touches on his beard:






New trailer for Hamill’s upcoming Pop Culture show:







Lucasfilm’s Pablo Hidalgo answers fan questions on Twitter:









And now some huge info dump on Kyber Crystals:














Stay tuned for more next week.