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UPDATE 2! Star Wars Battlefront: X-Wing VR Mission Teaser Trailer Plus Recap and Game Development Video from the EA Play 2016 Conference


Electronic Arts is ready to show off their lineup of new games at their EA Play presentation just before E3 starts – and with it, they bring information on their Star Wars titles.



Information on EA’s Star Wars games will be highlighted in cyan. All times are in CST, PM.

  • 3:08 – The show begins. Opening remarks are made.
  • 3:12 – It’s announced that an hour of Battlefield 1 gameplay will be streamed after the event ends.
  • 3:14 – Titanfall 2 multiplayer is shown off. Respawn Entertainment, the developers of the game, will also be working on a Star Wars title.
  • 3:17 – Titanfall 2 gets a trailer for its single-player campaign.
  • 3:19 – EA’s Sports games are shown off, with Madden NFL 2017 leading the pack.
  • 3:22 – EA announces plans for E-Sports opportunities for players of their games.
  • 3:27 – Mass Effect: Andromeda is displayed, with the developers promising to make the game the most in-depth experience in the history of the series.
  • 3:31 – EA promises more updates for their existing titles. Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes and Star Wars Battlefront are both set to get major updates.
  • 3:33 – EA reveals major opportunities for charity.
  • 3:34 – FIFA 2017 is brought to the forefront, revealing a story mode.
  • 3:45 – EA Originals is a program that will help independent developers create new games.
  • 3:46 – Fe, a nature-based platformer, is the first game announced to be a part of the EA Originals program.
  • 3:51 – Star Wars takes center stage.
  • 3:52 – DICE and Motive Studios are working on Battlefront 2 for a 2017 release date; the game will feature content from the new films. The Visceral Games title gets a 2018 release date. Criterion Games is helping with another project.
  • 3:53 – A behind-the-scenes look at development of Star Wars games are shown.
  • 3:56 – Battlefield 1 finally takes center stage.
  • 4:02 – Battlefield 1‘s trailer is fully shown.

And that’s a wrap! We’ll be sure to keep you covered as more details on EA’s Star Wars lineup come out.




Here’s the video shown at the presentation, giving insight toward what’s in development with the new Star Wars games.




There’s quite a bit shown off in the 3.5-minute video, so let’s go in-depth to see what this reveals for the major Star Wars games in development:

    • Concept art of a space battle involving the Millennium Falcon, TIE fighters, and an asteroid field is shown.
    • A virtual reality game involving X-wings in development. Whether this is a feature for Battlefront or a new game is not clear.
    • DICE: Some footage of the Bespin expansion is being shown for Battlefront. One developer hints that both the Prequel Trilogy and the Sequel Trilogy will be represented in Battlefront 2. Motive Studios and Criterion Games are also assisting in development of Battlefront, and quite possibly its sequel. Bossk will apparently be a playable character in the Death Star expansion, and the trench run will be recreated in-game. A VR mission exclusive to PlayStation 4 players will be made available before the end of the year.
    • Motive Studios: Concept art suggests that the company’s contribution to Battlefront will involve the vehicles of the Sequel Trilogy.
    • Respawn Entertainment: Motion-capture work for lightsaber battles are shown. Given that EA has said that the game will explore an era that the other games they’ve developed haven’t yet approached, it’s likely that the game will either be set in the Prequel Trilogy era, or possibly even a game set earlier than that.
    • Capital Games: More promises to expand the already-large roster of playable characters in Galaxy Of Heroes.
    • BioWare: Work on The Old Republic is put on display. Involvement in Star Wars projects beyond The Old Republic is also teased, as the company is interested in telling stories beyond the game they’ve been updating extensively.
    • Visceral Games: Doug Chiang is assisting the development team with the game with an abundance of artwork. A very early look at the game is shown. One of our sources has repeatedly insisted that the game will be based around Han Solo, and with a 2018 release date in mind, it’s very likely that this could be true.


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First teased during yesterday’s Electronic Arts press conference, PlayStation VR is getting a Star Wars experience called Star Wars Battlefront: X-Wing VR Mission, which looks to be pretty much exactly what it sounds like. The video reveal trailer can be seen here courtesy of IGN.