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J.J. Abrams Interview with AOL BUILD!

JJJ.J. Abrams and Ricky Camilleri discuss Star Wars: The Force Awakens at AOL studios in New York. Definitely worth checking out!



In this interview you get a great overview of the whole production. It starts with some interesting insights about the trailer and who made it.


I recommend you to watch the whole interview but here are some interesting topics:


  • introduction: trailer reactions and how he handled the excitement to work with Kasdan
  • 3:00 min: the hurdles and how to work on the story with Kasdan
  • 4:10 min: the difficulties to work under Disney and the corporate approach
  • 8:10 min: the reason to cast “unknowns” and the challenging work in the desert
  • 12:00 min: influences and preparation for the movie
  • 16:00 min: the retro approach and “going simpler”, BB8 hologram sequence confirmed!
  • 18:10min: the lightsaber battles
  • 19:45min: how to embrace the inherited Star Wars moments and bring something new at the same time
  • 21:00min: the original cast was already on board when JJ took over and Q+A