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SWNN Review: Star Wars Kanan #8

Kanan 8 Cover

After a really cool glimpse into the broken and fragile character of Depa Billaba and Kanan’s life at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant last week, Weisman picks up right where he left off with another great issue involving a surprise attack on the temple and some great bonding time between Billaba and her soon to be apprentice. Spoilers ahead…


Issue #8, Chapter 2 in the First Blood story arc, like the previous issue, begins in the Rebels era with the Ghost crew anxiously awaiting the healing of their friend and resident Jedi cowboy, Kanan Jarrus, who was injured a couple of issues back. After having just been told that it would not be safe to move Kanan from his bacta tank slumber for another few weeks, our heroes are surprised by what can only be Agent Kallus, or another Imperial demanding their surrender.

Bacta Room

Imperial Ambush

I guess the crew will be forced to make a hasty decision regarding Kanan’s relocation, but that will have to wait until next issue, as Weisman takes this opportunity to cut back into Kanan’s bacta-induced recollection of another time he faced certain death – when a mysterious separatist / Ninja Assassin attacked his home in the Jedi Temple.

Temple Attack

Explosion after explosion sends every Jedi in the temple on high alert and forces them into action. Some cameos from the last issue continue with Yoda, Obi-Wan, and Mace Windu, but the real action focuses on Depa Billaba and young Caleb Dume (Kanan). Surprisingly, it’s Caleb who first springs in to action, chasing the attacker after Billaba instructs him that they should just hide and wait, revealing her insecurities after her failed last mission which saw nine out of ten of the men under her command annihilated. Broken, and insecure, it’s Caleb who gives her the strength to do what was necessary.

Caleb Dume and the Assassin

Realizing that the boy will not last long on his own, she comes to his rescue, and together they fight to apprehend the mad bomber. It is after this confrontation that Depa admits that she needs a padawan by her side to continue her journey. Despite his youth, she chooses Caleb as her padawan, a decision that excites Caleb beyond belief and stirs some jealousy among his peers. But don’t worry, they’ll soon get what they deserve…

Anakin vs Younglings

Kidding…that was awful, and I apologize – but seriously, they could have showed a little support for the guy. Anyways, moving on…

The end of the issue introduced young Caleb to some familiar clone troopers from the first arc of the series, and there was a nice little cameo from General Kleeve in there as well, who took part in the planning of the separatist attack on the Jedi Temple, based on some intel by a certain blue bounty hunter from the Clone Wars series that I, personally, would love to see in this series or in Rebels in the future.

Future Friends

I might be enjoying this arc more than the first, which is saying something, since I really loved the first six issues of the series. I can’t wait to see where this story goes and I’m loving how it feels like I’m watching some more lost episodes from the Clone Wars that tie us in to the Rebels series. I have a feeling there are great things to come, and next issue looks very promising indeed…


Kanan vs Grievous


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  • Tervlon

    “But don’t worry, they’ll soon get what they deserve…” I must be terrible, too. I LOLed.

    • Lora

      Hahaha, me to.

      • Pandu POLUAN

        You two are horrible!!

        I groaned… then laughed.

        So I’m slightly less horrible than you two xD

  • Jake Wolfe

    Lol, nice. Wondering if I should pick these up now, you make them sound very good.

    • SonOfConstantDiligence

      This comic series is one of the better ones with the new Marvel Star Wars comics.

      I think this series, Shattered Empire, Lando, Darth Vader, and Star Wars are the best ones so far.

  • Ludovic Vinsonneau

    is it tell in the comics how Caled Dume has become Kanan Jarrus ? Or is it canon error like eeth koth and agen kolar ?

    • Hard Case

      I believe Koth and Kolar were actually two different Jedi on the council at different times. But anyways, it is made clear both in the comics and in the novel A New Dawn that his given name was Caleb Dume and he later took on the alias of Kanan Jarrus to hide his identity.

      • Ludovic Vinsonneau

        Thx Hard Case. i definitely needs to own these comics… ALL OF THEM ! And thank you very much for your support to the France. i am French but not living in Paris. I guess all countries gonna to be rekt by terrorism at one moment or another. Sad times :(

  • Shion Takahashi

    And Grievous won’t be able to kill anyone again next issue…