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UPDATE! LEGO Star Wars: Rey Minifig Leaked?

Daisy as ReyAre you a bit impatient to see the newest Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens toys tomorrow at SDCC? Well, join the club. But! It appears as though a minifigure of Rey has leaked out, as if to whet our collective appetites.




*Images removed by the request of LEGO



The costume and the headpieces both look pretty good. However, I’m just a tad unsure if this is the real figurine or not, since her face looks a lot like LEGO Leia’s minifig (and I don’t mean mere resemblance – I think that looks identical to Leia’s face)… though that might just be me seeing things that aren’t there. On the bright side, we’ll be able to see if this is real or not over the course of the weekend.


While I don’t know when LEGO is going to unveil their next Star Wars sets at the event, Hasbro unveils a bunch of their Star Wars toys tomorrow at 1:30 PM (California time). Following that, the panel for Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits at 5:30 PM. We’ll be sure to report on both of those things and other SDCC announcements as they come along.






And some more. Captain Phasma and a Snowtrooper:




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  • EC Henry

    Looks legit to me. The headgear doesn’t look custom-made. I’ve seen hundreds of custom minifigs, and while the prints can be quite good, the accessories are never this on-point.

  • Hansolocup

    As a nutty Lego fan, I can say that that definitely isn’t Leia’s face. The eyebrows are more arched and the mouth is quirked a bit more.
    All right, I’m gonna get some air

  • Melike

    This could be real. Nobody can do that good painting and the headgear.. Also it really looks like Leia’s face, but it isn’t

  • Eric

    I was gonna say it was Padme in Tatooine garb from Episode 1

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care about lego but she looks cute

    • Darth Necris

      Amen. She’s a real cutie.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Isn’t Lego announcing new Star Wars sets on Saturday?

    • Pomojema

      I don’t know about when LEGO are unveiling their stuff, just the things about Hasbro and Lucasfilm. But we’ll be sure to cover them once they are officially unveiled.

    • Tyler

      Yes, Sat 11am PST

  • Rodian Rebel

    That’s not Leia’s face. 100% sure.
    This is the real figure – the photo was shared by somebody who already owns several of the TFA figures, including a TIE Fighter pilot and a snowtrooper – Captain Phasma is being sold on eBay, as we speak, by somebody who has probably taken it from the factory, too.

  • andrew

    Am i the only one who assumed by the headline that Rey’s last name was leaked and it’s Minifig? …. Anyone? :p

  • Anonymous
  • Phasma

    Only thing that is a disappointment is no blonde Gwendolyn Christie under the mask.

  • Andy

    …yeah I thought it was Rey Minifig too,ha! – seriously cannot wait to see the new black series 6″ figures from TFA.

  • Hard Case

    So I am curious about the black face under Phasma’s helmet… is this a place holder head for the minifigure? Is Phasma a giant blind Jawa? Lord of the Nazgul?

    • Anonymous

      They do that for characters whose face we never see.

      • Hard Case

        My son has a lot of the Rebels Lego sets and the stormtroopers all have faces under the helmets, so while I agree that you are probably right regarding Phasma, this is not always true.

        • Anonymous

          Must be something new. They used to use blanks for troopers, Fett, etc.

    • Anonymous

      John Boyega

      • Lucas

        See what you did there haha

  • Dude in a hat

    I would like to point out, just for the sake of argument, that fake Legos ARE a thing.



    I googled it and apparently there is also such a thing as Custom Legos, like legitimate with mail-order,

    all considered, it is by no means a stretch to say that this minifigure is NOT official.

    PS, I always felt that lego did a horrible job depicting females. The little mute-colored shapes around the mid-drift ain’t fooling anyone.

    PPS, I love that garden table, the floral design is nice

  • Dude in a hat

    Looking at Chrometrooper, that looks legit, I have to say I was always a little shaky on the 1st Order ST design, but seeing it in Lego form it works, this lego and it’s movie-counterpart are all right.

    I suspect all three of these are legit official stuff, however the mismatching on the lines is odd. Anyone else see it?

    Right around the torso-waist seam the design just doesn’t line up quite right. :/ it just looks *off*.

    • Gregg

      That’s very common for minifigs with leg designs for them to not line up perfect. I think the Chrometrooper is fake though. It’s got the black line on the neck piece where the head attaches, and that hasn’t been present on the minifigs of the past few years. That indicates that it may be an older torso that was customized.

  • Anonymous

    Even in Lego form, Daisy Ridley is beautiful and sexy!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Mark

    Phasma? Where’s da cloak??

  • Trenzalord11

    Yeah, these are all legit and real, definitely. Can’t wait for them to be officially revealed!

  • Anonymous

    I think Phasma is fake Ive seen that figure more than a month ago. The other two are legit Im sure

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    The snowtrooper looks the best to me,I don’t really like phasma.