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Influence of the Star Wars Legacy Volume 2 Comic Series on The Force Awakens Story and Rumors

Legacy Star Wars: Legacy Volume 2 is a comic series first released on March 2013, that now falls under the Legends category. Back in August 2014 we did an article pointing out the similarities between the comic series and The Force Awakens rumors (HERE). Now almost a year later, with a considerably bigger amount of new rumors and facts, we will take a much closer look at the connection between the two. As you will see below, the amount of similarities are simply too much to be just a coincidence…




This article has been written by Cantina member Aglarion. Special thanks for the great effort.







Ania Solo Finds the Lightsaber


Let’s start with our main character Ania Solo (Rey), who is a descendant of Han and Leia. She was working as a junk dealer when she accidentally discovered the lightsaber of Imperial Knight Yalta Val (Luke) after an Imperial communications droid (BB-8) containing the lightsaber turned up in her junkyard.



She later joins forces with Imperial Knight Jao Assam (Finn) when he tries to help her during a skirmish on Carrera Major, a barren desert world (Jakku?)


Jao Assam had just escaped flying his starfighter out of an enemy ship’s hangar before landing on this desert planet. Later in the story Jao Assam becomes a deserter, he gets rid of his imperial armor and adopts a more casual attire. In this case the Imperial Knights are part of the Fel Empire, one of the members of the Triumvirate (good guys). Imperial Knights are described as a kind of light/grey force users.



Jao Assam


After leaving the desert planet our heroes are soon captured in the tractor beam of a larger ship and their freighter is deposited in the larger ship’s hangar. They are captured by the main antagonist Darth Wredd (Kylo Ren), who is looking for the lightsaber mentioned earlier. While in captivity, one of them is interrogated by Wredd. (In this case Jao (Finn) instead of Ania (Rey). After their escape Jao confronts Wredd in a lightsaber duel but gets seriously injured. Ania, the reluctant hero, finally steps up, she grabs Jao’s lightsaber and goes after Wredd.



Darth Wredd






The search for Luke:


One of the main rumors going around is that the search for Luke is one of the most important parts of the plot and that the movie ends with Rey finding Luke and returning the lightsaber to him. The story in this comic series could shed a light on these events. It is interesting to note that before chasing Ania (Rey) and company, Wredd (Kylo) ambushes and captures Yalta Val (Luke) and also:


“While looking through the shipment of junk, Solo discovered an Imperial communications droid, which had actually been launched by the crew of Imperial Knight Yalta Val a week earlier before their ship had been attacked.”



Yalta Val


Let’s assume Luke has been in possession of the lightsaber lost in Bespin for some time now, he could have found it at any point during the last 30 years. He was on a mission near Jakku when his ship was ambushed and he was captured by Kylo soon before the beginning of the movie (or maybe this is how the movie begins), perhaps part of Luke’s crew escapes the ship in an escape pod with the lightsaber and they arrive at that village (the one being attacked by Kylo and his troops during the second teaser). Luke failed to report or an SOS was sent, so Leia sends Poe to investigate, and then BB-8 escapes with the lightsaber, and meets Rey soon afterwards.
My main point with this line of thoughts is that perhaps they are searching for Luke because he has been captured and they finally save him at the end of the movie. Rey giving him back the lightsaber at the end of the movie would actually make more sense this way.



The super weapon and the puzzle:


“Due to his combat prowess and reputation, the man who became Darth Wredd did not anticipate a threat that he could not handle. During the last years of the Second Imperial Civil War, the One Sith’s Galactic Empire invaded his homeworld. He tried to defend his people but was no match for the Sith. The Sith Lord who commanded the Imperial invasion disarmed him by destroying his sword with his lightsaber. Instead of killing him, the Sith Lord recognized the man’s Force potential and decided to make him his apprentice. He started out by forcing the man to watch from his flagship as he took the opportunity to test a new Sith weapon designed by Vul Isen which devastated his homeworld and wiped out the population, leaving him as the only survivor.


The planet was knocked off its orbit, becoming a rogue planet which wandered the galaxy. Afterwards, the Lord forced him to wear a mask all the time to ensure his obedience, temper his weakness, and to teach him hatred. Wredd was also stripped of his identity and was forced to adopt the persona of Darth Wredd. While his master’s training technique succeeded in bringing him to the dark side, Darth Wredd developed an abiding homicidal hatred of his master and vowed to kill him when the opportunity arose. Darth Wredd spent his apprenticeship travelling on his master’s starship.”


Super Weapon

There is obviously a super weapon as well on this story arc. On further investigation it seems this super weapon has two effects, a biological component that wiped out the population of Wredd’s (Kylo) homeworld, and the blast itself, that can knock a planet off its orbit. When Wredd (Kylo) captures Val (Luke) he takes him to his homeworld. When our heroes discover Val was imprisoned and decide to go rescue him the following happens:


“After loading Assam’s starfighter aboard AG-37’s freighter, they plotted a course for the last known coordinates of the uncharted planet in the Surd Nebula. While travelling there, they were pursued by a pair of Shifala starfighters and the starship’s port thruster was hit by laser fire. Upon entering the nebula, the Carreras starfighters broke off their pursuit. Upon arriving at the coordinates, they discovered that the uncharted planet had simply vanished into space.”


Now it seems we have a Kamino 2.0 effect here, this time the Rogue planet seems to be moving in an unknown trajectory and they have trouble finding it. Remember the rumor about the droids solving a puzzle to find Luke’s location? Well maybe they already know which planet he is imprisoned on but they can’t find the planet and this is what the droids figure out – its location!



How The Force Awakens could end based on these stories:


“When Solo came to, she was horrified to find the hangar destroyed after the battle, and AG-37 urged her to pursue the Sith and stop him, reminding her that her ancestor Han Solo had become a hero because he always helped his friends. Grabbing Assam’s fallen lightsaber, Solo took Assam’s starfighter and headed for the moving planet—now located just in front of the communications array—in pursuit of the Sith. Spotting the Sith’s shuttle, Solo headed down into a series of caverns, where she found the newly-proclaimed Darth Wredd declaring an insurgency and preparing to execute Yalta Val live on camera, a spectacle that was being broadcast all over the galaxy using the Carreras communications array. Solo interrupted Wredd’s speech and opened fire upon the Sith, but he used the Force to disarm her before he entangled her in wreckage and threw her to the floor.



However, Yal summoned Assam’s lightsaber from Solo’s boot just in time to free himself and stop Wredd from executing him, and the two began to duel as Solo freed herself. Seeing that the array was about to crash into the planet, Solo fled the caves and returned to Assam’s fighter in hopes of saving Sauk and AG-37 from the array, and she dragged her injured friends to the freighter despite Sauk’s pleas that she save AG-37 and get to safety. Escaping aboard the freighter, AG-37 flew back down to the planet’s surface and Solo rushed to the boarding ramp so that Master Val could leap aboard, and the freighter escaped just before the array crashed into the planet.


Tending to Sauk in the medbay, Solo apologized to her unconscious friend for involving him and getting him hurt, but Val and Solo were called to the cockpit by AG-37 when the droid encountered a surprise—Jao Assam, floating in space but still alive thanks to the Imperial comm droid. Solo began to care for Assam in the medbay as well when they brought the injured Knight aboard, and Solo repeated her apology to Sauk when the Mon Calamari awoke—but Sauk brushed it off, reminding Solo that she had saved all of her friends.”



Yalta Val vs Darth Wredd


To simplify, let’s say after Kylo injures Finn and flees, Rey grabs the saber and goes after him to try and find Luke’s location. Maybe she loses him at some point and that’s where the droids help her find the location of the planet. When she confronts Kylo the battle might not go so well but Luke manages to grab the saber with the force and free himself. Maybe there is some action between Kylo and Luke but Kylo soon realizes he has no chance and flees again. I guess this would make a more climatic ending than Rey just freeing Luke and giving him the lightsaber.


It is curious that the location were Val is being held is described as a series of caverns. Could part of this have been shot on the cavern location in Vietnam?



Other character connections:


marasiah fel

The leader of the Fel Empire, Marasiah Fel (Leia). She is one of the leaders of the good guys, she has a monarchic title (remember the rumors about “Queen” Leia?). She is related to Ania Solo (Rey), and she is also an imperial knight (force sensitive like Leia).



This one is more far fetched but I see some relations that I wanted to mention:
We have heard a lot of rumors about MVS so far, it was claimed that he was like a mentor and friend to Rey, that he was playing Boba Fett, that he was a cyborg, that he was trusted to watch over Rey by her parents, that he is the vicar in the village Kylo attacks.


Well the droid in this picture, AG-37, could have inspired many of those rumors, he is an IG series assassin droid much like the IG-88 in ESB and he has been around since Han Solo’s time (so maybe he is even the same bounty hunter droid). He is like a friend and mentor to Ania (Rey), he helps her to set up her junkyard. The reason he helps her initially is an unknown promise he had made to her ancestor Han Solo, long time ago.


There is a sequence in the comics that might resemble the Kylo village scene in some way:
Wredd (Kylo) shows up in Ania’s (Rey) junkyard with some security forces demanding the lightsaber, he then orders his forces to kill everyone. AG-37 then shows up and saves Ania, he gets slashed in half by Wredd (Kylo) later in the story but since he is a droid he gets easily repaired. Perhaps in the movie MVS tries to help Poe and that’s why he is killed?



More on Darth Wredd (Kylo):


As mentioned, before his homeworld was attacked by the Sith. Wredd was like a hero to his people. He realized he was force sensitive and since he didn’t have any Jedi to teach him, he trained himself. He didn’t have the knowledge to build a proper lightsaber but he managed to forge himself a sword, curiously this is a sword with a cross guard, this is what he used to defeat many barbarians that attacked his people. Perhaps this is the reason Kylo built such an exotic lightsaber, he was used to fighting with a similar sword before being turned into a Sith.



Wredd with a Crossguard Sword


After the Sith destroyed all life on his world and Wredd was forced into becoming one of them:


“Afterwards, the Lord forced him to wear a mask all the time to ensure his obedience, temper his weakness, and to teach him hatred.”


When Wredd captures Yalta Val (Luke) he forces him to wear a similar mask which he endures for all his time in captivity.


“He admitted that he had kept the real Yalta Val prisoner within his mask with the hope of turning him to the dark side.”


Yalta Val

Yalta Val as a Prisoner


Could this be related to the rumors of Luke being kind of crazy? Perhaps wearing this mask for a while started to make him seem a little insane. Maybe it’s also related to the rumors of Luke being a cyborg, perhaps we just see him wearing this robotic mask for a while?


Talking about cyborgs, in the comics, during the fight where Wredd (Kylo) seriously injures Jao (Finn), one of Wredd’s eyes gets seriously injured as well, forcing him to wear a cyborg like mask after that.

“After escaping from the Carreras communications array, Darth Wredd returned to his secret base on Mala. After attending to his eye injury, Wredd changed into a black suit of armor, reminiscent of the late Sith Lord Darth Vader’s armor, which also featured a mask that hid his blinded right eye.”



What if the cyborg concept art was about Kylo after all? He might get injured at some point during this movie or the next and then he’ll have a cyborg like appearance?


I mentioned before that at some point during the middle of the first story arc, all our heroes are captured by Wredd (Kylo). Unlike the rumors, in the comics the one being interrogated is Jao (Finn) instead of Ania (Rey). Wredd senses the potential in Jao and wants him to become his disciple. He hates the One Sith (First Order) but he wants to start his own faction following the rule of two. Later in the story Jao mentions the following when talking about Wredd:




Could this be the reason why Kylo admires Vader and presumably has his mask? He sees him and Palpatine as the epitome of Sith rule and wants to restore that?


Anyway, after finishing the story, one realizes that Wredd’s primary goal and motivation is no other than destroying the Sith (including himself). The purpose of his whole plan was orchestrating a battle in which he gets the good guys to help him destroy the entire One Sith order. After he accomplishes this he realizes there is still one Sith left so he taunts Jao into killing him. He refuses but Ania gets the job done.
Could Kylo share this motivation as well? It is rumored that the new republic and the first order are at peace at the beginning of the movie. Perhaps Kylo starts a war on purpose with the intention of destroying the First Order?


I don’t know how much of Wredd will be used for Kylo but to be honest it sounds like a really compelling character and story.


Special thanks to Cantina member liespana for bringing on this topic again.