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Mark Hamill Growing Beard Again.

Mark Hamill - Episode 7 beard

The beard is back! A recent selfie that Mark Hamill took with fellow veteran voice-actor Maurice LaMarche shows that he is growing a Jedi-styled beard once more.



LaMarche previously established that he was recording with Mark Hamill for a Transformers cartoon shortly before the image was posted, signifying that this is a new picture and not something he dug up from last year.



I should note that Hamill was clean-shaven during Celebration Anaheim, and he hasn’t really been in the spotlight since then, so Hamill letting his whiskers grow wildly has to be a recent development. Considering that he’s said he dislikes having a beard, and that the beard was contractually-obligated, it’s pretty likely that he’s doing this for the purposes of his job.


Should that be the case, Hamill could either be preparing for some reshoots for The Force Awakens, or he could be preparing to film for Episode VIII, which starts shooting late in the year. At the least, the former seems likely, considering that Lucasfilm apparently wants to film more on Skellig Michael Island, where Hamill was present with fellow The Force Awakens cast member Daisy Ridley.