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Anthony Daniels Talks Star Wars at Emerald City Comicon


Anthony Daniels was a special guest at this year’s Emerald City Comicon, a comic book and pop culture convention in the Pacific Northwest. The actor briefly talked about his costume and shared some funny memories from the filming of the Original Trilogy. Check out the video after the jump.



From thefandom.net:


C-3PO, was obviously unable to talk much about what we all wanted to hear about: Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, but did disclose the fact that his gold costume has improved over time. He shared with the audience that the head piece alone used to take 20 minutes to put on, but now is done in just eight seconds! 


Daniels was quite engaged with the audience, bringing a few attendees on stage, and even coming down to the audience to ask questions which is not something you typically see celebrity guests do. Check out the below videos to hear some of his banter with the audience, a humorous account of C-3PO’s oil bath scene, and an onstage reunion with fellow droid R2-D2!






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  • Anonymous

    guess these days are calm around Force Awakens news…

    • bobo grimski

      Give it a couple of weeks. I’m sure this site will be pouring with new info after Star Wars Celebration.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, the obviously wanna keep as much as they can for the celebration in a couple of weeks. Makes sense..

    • Anonymous

      Go on reddit. Everyone and their dog claims to be working on the film and are ready to answer questions and provide “leaks”.

    • Clamdestine

      Ackbar, on the other hand is the Clam around Force Awakens

  • Don Jon

    Man, he’s funny!

    • Garwood

      People give Anthony Daniels a lot of shit but honestly, he seems like a really cool guy. He’s funny and always up to talking with fans and going to events and conventions. He realises how much C3PO was a big part of his life.

      Now, the feud he had with Kenny Baker might have been a thing but we don’t know the full story and never will. For all we know Kenny could have been the real arse.

  • Anonymous


    • PORKINS- 1138

      How Rude!

  • Star Wars News

    John Williams will not be recording the score in London with the LSO, but recording over 3 months in L.A as required by the editorial team. http://www.jwfan.com/

  • Anonymous

    Had the pleasure of meeting Anthony Daniels in 2011 at Star Wars Weekends, he’d just come out of the gym and walking through reception at Grand Floridian in Disney and was more than willing to stop for photo’s and a chat. Top bloke!

  • StarGeek

    I met him for the second time last Friday at ECCC, and he is so hilarious and incredibly nice. Anthony Daniels is really amazing, plus, Threepio is my favorite character!

  • 88seconds

    would we be disappointed if we got the poster instead of the trailer at Celebration? i personally wouldn’t mind hanging out for a few more months for a decent final trailer. some stills wouldn’t go astray. i think the last one was the robot hand?