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More Hints on Who The Villain Is from The Force Awakens Teaser.

The Villain

While there has been quite a bit of speculation about the identity of the hooded figure we see skulking about in the trailer, most people have come to the conclusion that he is being played by Adam Driver. Now, thanks to a little bit of sleuthing from a member of our Cantina forums, there is now additional support to show that the star of HBO’s Girls is playing the part of the tall, dark, and spooky character.


From The Cantina:

Rogue 13: Noticed something interesting tonight when I watched the trailer again on my Apple TV. In the information for the trailer, there are two screens of details about the movie/trailer. One screen lists the actors…Boyega, Ridley, Driver, Isaac, and Serkis, and no other actors. The other screen lists the paragraph that talks about the movie and contains the larger list of the cast that have already been confirmed. It could mean those are the ones in the trailer or it could be just that the list is cut off at that spot and those were the ones listed first. I checked the web and the iOS trailers app and didn’t see the same thing there, so who knows.



The thing that makes this interesting is that four of the five actors have confirmed their presence in the trailer – obviously, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, and Oscar Isaac all appear with their faces visible, and Andy Serkis confirmed that he was the voice in the trailer. So since we all know that these actors are in the trailer, and none of the other cast was listed, it’s safe to presume that Adam Driver was playing the cloaked figure. When looking on Apple’s website, the cast is listed in the same order, but the rest of the cast is also listed. The site also places the ordering of the cast with the newcomers first and the returning actors and actress afterward. It also should be noted that iTunes also lists Kenny Baker as being on the film even though there has been no evidence of this. Baker was announced with the Official cast announcement back on April 29th, although it seems more of a symbolic gesture.


Revenge of the Sith


However, there’s another person — a Star Wars alum, in fact — that concurs with fan speculation. Joel Edgerton, who played Owen Lars in the Prequel trilogy, is willing to bet money that “Villain X” is portrayed by Adam Driver. In an interview he gave GQ British, Edgerton conveyed his thoughts about The Force Awakens teaser trailer:

Towards the beginning of your career, you were in the Star Wars prequels – what did you make of the trailer for The Force Awakens?


I loved it! It’s old school, I love the new lightsaber – the way those two little crossbars shot out, it’s really cool stuff. It was such a short trailer, but it definitely got me going. I’m a massive fan, and I was working with Adam Driver actually [on Midnight Special] just around the time that he got the gig, and I was like, “Tell me who you’re going to play?” He said, “I can’t tell you anything!” I’m pretty certain, and I don’t know this for a fact, but just knowing how tall Adam is, and how he moves, and the fact that there was chatter on the internet that he was going to play the equivalent of a Darth Vader, it’s got to be him with that red lightsaber. The way he’s moving, when he walks through the forest. He definitely hasn’t told me that, he’s an air-tight ship. But I would lay $50 on that for sure.


Edgerton isn’t involved with the production obviously, but having worked with Driver is in a special position to opine about this. Surely the actor of this mysterious “Villain X” will be revealed in due time, but for now there is no official confirmation.  Barring some surprise cast member or a complete role reversal from what we’ve heard — think Gwendoline Christie — it’s very plausible that “Villain X” is played by Adam Driver.  As always stay locked on the StarWars7News target for all the  Star Wars news, rumors, and speculations as we get them.