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Rumor/Speculation: Could There be More Than One “The Force Awakens” Teaser Trailers?

The-Force-Awakens-Mock-Crawl“Your focus determines your reality,” were the sagely words of advice that Qui-Gon Jinn gave to a young Anakin Skywalker in The Phantom Menace, words apparently every single Star Wars fan on the planet has taken to heart as we collectively focus our attention on the mystery of The Force Awakens teaser trailer. Or is it trailerS with an “S”??? Find out after the break.



NOTE: This article was written 2 days ago, before the official announcement from yesterday, and since edited for updated information.


Now that it has been CONFIRMED that 30 US theaters are exclusively showing the trailer this coming weekend we have to look at the bigger picture. Slash Film, a notoriously reliable source, claims there is “a bigger plan.” We’ve already heard at least several Episode VII teaser descriptions that all sounded different to a certain extent. What if one of the reasons for this seeming miscommunication is because there are going to be not one, but two trailers released? I can hear the frenetic brainsplosions of the collective Star Wars community the world over. Two trailers?! That’s what we’re now hearing. Two teaser trailers to be released in a variety of ways. PLEASE keep in mind Yoda’s wise words, “Always in motion the future is.”



First of all, in the last couple of days I was talking with our friend and Bothan informer who goes by “Kyle” in The Cantina boards. On several occasions in the past Kyle’s shared some really interesting rumors coming from his sources from the production. We were discussing the release date possibilities (for some time now he has been saying Thanksgiving Day) and Kyle said something very interesting that he had recently heard. Here are some quotes from our conversations. I’m very far from saying that everything is 100% legit but I think there is some truth in it. Take is as you like, nevertheless it’s an interesting read:


Kyle was actually one of the first who said that according to his sources The Force Awakens teaser is coming this month. He said this 3 days before we ran our article about The Hobbit. Here’s what he said on November 16:

According to one source, the trailer is either going to hit online Thanksgiving Day or the day after. They said, more speculated, that the trailers could be variants. The online trailer might be shorter than the theatrical one.


Probably a minute long teaser will be released online, and a longer one, which clocks in around a 100 sec. (now we know it’s 88 seconds) will be released in theaters first and then online. He/she has seen the 60 second trailer, but the extended one is a mystery. Has not heard John Williams newly recorded music. There were OT tracks used as filler for what he/she saw. They said it was a montage of all the characters, like a cross between the Empire strikes back teaser and the phantom menace teaser. They said nothing about who was included/excluded from the teaser, aside from Yoda (force ghost Yoda will not be in the teaser).


star wars thanks giving

For our international friends and family who may not be fully aware, Thanksgiving is a very big holiday in the United States, officially kicks-off the holiday trifecta of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s, which, ironically, also happens to be a very television-centric day as annual parades are aired in the morning with a whole slate of NFL football games, three of them in fact, nationally televised all day long on CBS, FOX and NBC. So this rumor slash speculation has a very plausible air of credibility to it as dropping a teaser trailer the magnitude of Star Wars: The Force Awakens would reach millions upon millions of viewers while simultaneously associating Star Wars with the holiday season. It makes a ton of sense from a marketing standpoint.


A day before the official trailer announcement Kyle told me what one of his sources saw in the trailer (the trailer appeared to be unfinished):

Lucasfilm logo only, which I thought was cool. All major characters sans Oscar Isaac and Lupita, who we all assume are playing major characters. No lightsabers except for the baddie, who is Driver under a mask.


Mostly focused on Ridley. My specific question about Luke, Leia and Han was only answered with “They’re all there”.


No dialogue, but the person said there was a period of black screen where a “wake up” line would fit very well as some other rumors suggested. The person said the audio was very cut and paste, and what they were seeing was not the finished product.


He said there is one more surprise to be had, but that he would not let me spoil it. He didn’t hint at anything, other than to stay close to my laptop on Thanksgiving day, and that he wouldn’t be surprised if it popped up out of nowhere on a football game or something on television. He said it sounds like the approach is to just throw it out there and get the frenzy started.


Star Wars Thanksgiving

So to sum-up: We’re now hearing that there are two different versions of the teaser trailer. The first, the shorter version, is to air on TV likely on Thanksgiving Day to be followed-up by an online release.


Then as we all now know for sure this would be followed-up with the theatrical release of the 88 second teaser trailer in theaters on Friday and Saturday. It might make some sense to draw fans to the theaters to see the slightly longer version on the big screen. Only time will tell — just a few short days really — before we see if the magical mystery box has something truly huge for us in store. Also, don’t forget that Bad Robot stoked the fires of speculation themselves with the following Tweet captioned “THANKSGIVING”:



Admittedly we were very hesitant to post this article. However, we here at StarWars7News are well aware that fans are not pleased with the exclusivity of the limited number of theaters showing the teaser trailer. This seems to fly in the face of conventional wisdom in two distinct ways. First, it limits exposure to the product which is the opposite intent of marketing. I mean, people still remember the term “viral marketing”, yeah? And second, this exclusivity pisses off the hardcore fanbase which Disney must always rely on to generate the excitement for the casual fans and movie-goers. Both facets are counter-intuitive to marketing. So we must ask ourselves why? Why the caption “Thanksgiving” if the teaser is to be released on “Black Friday” which has evolved into its own thing? Also, we know that Disney/LFL/Bad Robot don’t always reveal all their cards at once — part of the mystery box strategy — as we saw with the Official Casting Announcement. People were very quick to criticize the production as being sexist, when it wasn’t. They just didn’t reveal everything. Hence, we could be set up now for a rather large surprise if not for Bloggers such as ourselves speculating upon such things.  


Mystery Date


Finally, recall that we reported about a potential clue posing as an Easter Egg in the recent Rebels episode “Empire Day.” The clue suggested a date — 11/27/13 to be precise. We looked back to see a comic book that eerily echoed rumors that we’ve been hearing about elements from Episode VII. However, if we look forward to that date  we find that 11/27 is this Thursday — Thanksgiving Day. Hmmm . . . very curious.  


As always take this with the usual amount of salt and let us all be patient. Thanksgiving is just in 2 days time. Very exciting times so stay tuned!    






Another possible hint for the Thanksgiving release of TFA trailer:  


As you probably know the initial plan was the Jurassic Park trailer to be released on Thanksgiving Day. Today the trailer was unexpectedly posted online. So what are they afraid of? I think we all know the answer.


And one final note. When a bootleg version of The Age of Ultron trailer leaked online, in matter of hours Disney reacted and released the trailer officially online. So if they don’t release the trailer on Thursday as we expect they will surely do so on Friday morning when the first TFA bootleg trailer hits the web. 🙂