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First Four Episode Titles of ‘Star Wars: Resistance’ Revealed

Team Fireball in Star Wars: Resistance

It appears the first four episode titles of the upcoming animated series Star Wars: Resistance have been revealed.


According to German site Jedi Bibliothek, the titles are as follows:

1.01 – The Recruit (airs October 7th in US – series premiere)

1.02 – The Triple Dark (airs October 14th in US)

1.03 – Fuel for the Fire (airs October 21st in US)

1.04 – The High Tower (airs October 28th in US)


While ‘The Recruit’ seems to confirm that the first episode will predictably be centered around our protagonist Kazuda Xiono, the other titles give very little away. As you may recall, we recently learned Poe Dameron recruits Kazuda (Kaz) for a secret mission to spy on the First Order.


‘Fuel for the Fire’ could perhaps have something to do with starfighter fuel, given that our main cast are mostly pilots, but other than that it’s difficult to glean anything in particular. It’s important to stress that these episode titles have not been confirmed by Lucasfilm and could potentially change, but any translation errors aside, it seems likely these are the real deal.

Any thoughts or fun speculation regarding these episode titles? We take to the skies with Team Aces in Star Wars: Resistance in less than three weeks!