Interesting New Bios About the Main Characters from Solo: A Star Wars Story

Issue 180 of Star Wars: Insider was officially released a few days ago. As always, the issue has some fantastic stories from the galaxy far, far away, but this time there is also a brief story covering the main characters from the highly anticipated stand-alone movie – Solo: A Star Wars Story. There are no spoilers or huge revelations, but still, a few of the bios offer some cool new tidbits about the characters, so check them out.


First we start with the two leads.


Han Solo:

Times are tough under Imperial rule, with planets across the galaxy feeling the pressure of the Emperor’s iron grip. One such world that has seen better days is Corellia, transformed by the Galactic Empire into one of its principle starship production facilities, it’s famous shipyards now churning out TIE fighters, Star Destroyers and many other weapons of Imperial domination.

To survive the harsh reality that has befallen his homeworld, a young street thief named Han spends his days running scams while working for a notorious Corellian gang, stealing what he can and cutting deals on behalf of his ill-tempered crime boss. Han is unrefined, reckless, and continuously getting himself into scrapes – then improvising his way out of them.

Never one to plan too far ahead, Han goes where opportunity calls. Determined to become “the best pilot in the galaxy”, he enlists in the Imperial navy only to find himself kicked out of the flight academy for “having a mind of his own”.

But he’s about to meet a charismatic rogue named Tobias Beckett, a man who will have an enormous impact on the kind of person Han is destined to become.


I wonder how much of Han’s early life will be in the movie. My guess is that this ill-tempered crime boss is the character Moloch, which we’ve seen in the trailers racing against Han on the streets of Corellia. I wonder what the prize of the race would be. There has to be one.




As a child Qi’ra was just another powerless street urchin, making her way as best she could on the grim thoroughfares of Corellia. Running with a street kid named Han, she was determined to move up in the world and gain status and reputation. As she got older, Qi’ra had grown into an independent young woman – clever and calculating , with a sophisticated edge and a knack for devious skullduggery.

Qi’ra is a secretive woman of the shadows, but who she really is is hidden away, and visible only to those she trusts. When her path crosses with Han’s once again, Qi’ra is destined to become an influential force in the life of the young smuggler.


Although some of the trailers and this bio imply that Qi’ra is secretive and a woman of the shadows, the footage we’ve seen so far suggests that Qi’ra is pretty much together with Han from the beginning of the movie (Corellia) till the end (Kessel). Still, there must be a reason why we don’t hear anything about this character in the future. Will she die? Will she betray Han at the very end? We will find out next month!



Tobias Beckett:

Tobias Beckett is someone who certainly had an influence on Han in his early years, before audiences first met the space pilot in a hoodlum-filled cantina on Tatooine. Beckett is a seasoned, no-nonsense survivor, forever working the angles to make sure he always comes out ahead of the game. Sound familiar?

Beckett has assembled a team of specialized scoundrels to carry out a series of risky but profitable heists, and when he needs some extra hands for one particular job, he allows young Han and his Wookiee partner-in-crime, Chewbacca, to tag along.

If it comes down to a fight, Beckett is as happy to take on his enemies in hand-to-hand combat as he is to blast them to smithereens, using the pair of mismatched blasters that are never far from his side


This is the first time we hear that there is a “series of risky heists”. We know about the main Conveyex heist on the planet Vandor. Perhaps one of these heists is the job on Mimban where Han and Chewie will meet Beckett for the first time. We’ve seen LEGO sets of both Han and Beckett dressed as Mimban troopers, so one could wonder if this was part of their heist there (more later in Val’s bio), or if they were just Imperials that defect.




A member of Tobias Beckett’s criminal crew, the occasionally prickly Val is cool and self-assured without being flashy. Measured and methodical, she is a crack shot with a blaster rifle, and the most even-headed and capable member of the ragtag gang of rogues Beckett has recruited to undertake a foolhardly escapade in search of riches on the muddy battlefields of Mimban.

When she first meets Han, Val is far from impressed with the young Corellian, lacking faith and skeptical of his self-professed skills as a pilot.


Here again we get a mention about a heist on Mimban. Perhaps Beckett and his crew (including Val) are on Mimban for the heist and they accidentally (fatefully) run into Han and the Wookiee trying to escape imprisonment?



The issue also has a brief bio on Enfys Nest, which we already shared here. The only other villain that gets a short bio is Moloch, who is described as a sadistic creature:

The sadistic Moloch wallows in authority over the lesser thieves of his gang. Like all White Worms, Moloch is extremely sensitive to natural light and must wear special protective gear when operating beyond the murk of his dank lair.


Combining the info about Han and Moloch, we can conclude that perhaps Moloch is the leader of the gang, which Han is also involved in. Star Wars Insider also issue reveals that Moloch is played by actor Harley Durst. Durst is mostly known for his stunt work in movies. For example, he was Tom Hiddleston’s stunt double in Thor: Ragnarok.



The last interesting bio bit is about L3-37:

A “self-made droid”, L3-37 has cobbled herself together using an assortment of components from astromechs, protocol droids and countless other robotic sources, devising her own form and function to become something quite unique – with an impressive AI to match.

L3-37 is Lando Calrissian’s enlightened navigator and co-pilot. Her programming makes for an indignant, spirited and somewhat eccentric companion, who cares deeply about droid rights. With a mind of her own (after all, she built it) L3-37 is subservient to no one.


This bit about L3 caring about droid rights immediately reminds me of the “Droid Arena” and the fighting droids which we discussed here.



The Solo characters are surely an interesting ensemble. For the rest of the character bios and other Star Wars stories check out the latest issue of Star Wars Insider!



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