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UPDATE! SOLO: A Star Wars Story EXCLUSIVE Teaser Scheduled to Premiere Monday on GMA After Tease During Super Bowl!

Many rumors are swirling about the teaser for Solo: A Star Wars Story debuting this weekend, during the Super Bowl, with Black Panther, everywhere! But now we have confirmation from the source itself, that Good Morning America is scheduled to premiere an exclusive trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story this coming Monday morning!



The link to buy tickets to attend the Good Morning America live taping had the text “SOLO EXCLUSIVE TRAILER!!!”, and has now since been taken down by the site. There is no doubt Disney has ordered the take down.


I first stumbled upon this thanks to a tweet from the canon master Star Wars Explained, Alex Damon:





As you can see, the link once had the text clear as day. It appears the intention was to tease the trailer with a 30 second commercial during the Super Bowl, followed by the full teaser premiere the following morning on Good Morning America. There is no doubt the teaser will still debut during the game, and as of now their plan is to debut the exclusive full clip on Good Morning America Monday morning! We are confident this plan will stay in place.


Stay tuned as we will update you with any new information on this! But either way, we should be seeing footage for Solo: A Star Wars Story starting during The Super Bowl this Sunday, followed by the full clip the next morning!



SOURCE: Good Morning America

Thanks to Star Wars Explained for the Tweet




“For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is.”






And it seems that Ron Howard himself is very anxious about the Super Bowl as well. One could wonder why…



Furthermore, he retweeted this:




Perhaps he is a fan of the Patriots? It’s funny that the poll our podcast did a few days ago has an even stronger meaning today.




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