The Resistance Broadcast – Episode 96 – The Last Jedi Spoiler Review!

On this episode of The Resistance Broadcast, we unveil our new theme song, discuss The Last Jedi from top to bottom in a full spoiler breakdown, name the winners of both our contests, and we unveil our brand new shirt designs and store.



Leaders of the Resistance: John Hoey, James Baney, Patric Covey, Bill Sheehy








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For those who wish to NOT be spoiled, you can read John’s non-spoiler review of The Last Jedi here.



Patric in costume as Kylo Ren – December 14, 2017
Patric (Kylo, right), his brother Marcus (Jedi, left), 501st Carolina Garrison Member Joel Mathre (Tie Fighter Pilot, center), and a Boba Fett Themed R2 Unit F9H0 (Builder: Pete Greenstein, front) pose together – December 14, 2017


Bill attends the premiere with TRB Mascot: Porgle the Mucher – December 14, 2017



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Founder of SWNN, MNN and The Cantina forums.Born on April 24, 1980.

12 thoughts on “The Resistance Broadcast – Episode 96 – The Last Jedi Spoiler Review!

  • December 18, 2017 at 6:34 pm

    The things I did not like about this film like: Character stuff, dialog, scenes, camera work, editing, I will get over with, with time. But what I am having hard time with, what is really taking me out of this trilogy now, is the apparent continuity issues between this movie and the last one. Which begs the question: Do KK and LFL even know where they are going with this?

    Issue 1: TFA makes a big deal out Rey’s lineage, turns out we are not supposed to care. Ok so what was that about?

    Issue 2: In TFA Snoke says “bring me back Kylo Ren, it’s time we complete his training.” And by that you mean yelling at him because he got beat by a girl?

    Issue 3: It is established that snoke seduced Ben Solo to the dark side. In TLJ is established that Luke was going to kill him because he showed dark tendencies. SO WHAT THE FUCK IS IT?

    • December 18, 2017 at 6:45 pm

      Totally agree, thats why I didn’t like the idea of them not having the trilogy mapped out , if that’s what they really wanted to do they should have stuck with one director, all the questions jj left us with in tfa rian basically said screw you it doesn’t matter, now jj has to come back and work with that kind of feel bad for jj on ep9

    • December 18, 2017 at 6:47 pm

      1. Did TFA make a big deal of it? The fans certainly hyped it up.
      2. Yeah, I guess so. He did seem to embrace Kylo later on once he showed his commitment.
      3. I mean, TLJ obviously introduced an aspect that JJ hadn’t planned. But why wouldn’t it be both? Disillusioned with the Jedi and scooped up by the bad guy. Similar to Anakin. Similar to people that get recruited as terrorists, cult members, etc.

    • December 18, 2017 at 7:13 pm

      You more or less list out that you hate everything in the film!!

      I know what you mean about continuity, but I thought it was obvious that they did not know where it was going when the ripped off A New Hope so much to begin with. Rey meets Finn, Han, Leia and Kylo in one day, that same day she finds the Falcon and Luke’s lightsabre… how could you write that with some pay off two movie’s later? None of these things are incidental or consequences of a plot point. I did think we might get a reverse of Luke’s training with Snoke and Kylo, but the plot needs the baddies driving it along so no time for that.

      Does it really matter though? I think the way the force is deepened through the story, and in the different connections is great. Anything that keeps the mystery of it while making it accessible to interpretation is great.

      I think Luke tipped Kylo over the edge, but the question is ‘if someone is good, with major potential for destruction, do you choose to focus on the good despite the evil?’ I love that Luke is older and is more cautious than the young Jedi he was. I mean the Emperor could have killed him, and Vader missed his opportunity to redeem himself!!

    • December 19, 2017 at 1:13 am

      Did you think maybe, perhaps, the fact that Ben being seduced by Snoke is what Luke was picking up on? Just saying…

  • December 18, 2017 at 7:11 pm

    Please don’t attack me for saying what I’m about to say. Everyone’s entitled to their own perspective, and I haven’t insulted anyone who liked it. Alternatively, I’ve already been insulted by far too much for thinking differently. As a lifelong Star Wars fan, I was crushed and disappointed with The Last Jedi. It’s OK that I feel that way and I’m not whining. I actually have some legitimate points. I can explain what they are if you want to read further. I’ll mention what I liked about it as well, because there were some things that I really enjoyed. Anyhow…

    First of all, I found TLJ far too comedic. It honestly felt like someone made a super expensive Star Wars parody. The Orville has fewer jokes throughout, and it’s legitimately a Star Trek parody (and a great one, no less – the jokes are actually, consistently funny). I had a hard time feeling anything you were supposed to in many of the scenes, because some joke would get cracked every time and collapse the tension or emotional vacuum. Some jokes were worse than farts in the Phantom Menace, like Luke suckling on the teat of a giant, gross alien. It did this even more than the prequels at their hammiest, and it really didn’t feel right to me at all. The tone just wasn’t that of a Star Wars film to me.

    Second, Carrie Fisher’s death was not honored or set up in this movie. It’s just my take, and I had no problem with her using the Force to move through space (it’s basically just a force pull – space physics, ya’all), but afterwards she should have been the one to jump the Raddus into the Supremacy. How cool would it have been if she had to use the Force to navigate through hyperspace to accomplish that? It’d explain why no one ever did before, at least on screen. It’d also give her a fitting, badass end. Instead, she fell into a coma…and then woke up again? I really don’t understand how this sets up her death in a satisfying way at all, and that’s something Johnson seemed very specific about accomplishing. They could have almost literally killed, like 5 birds with one stone, if they had her crash the Raddus.

    Third, Luke. My god, do I understand all of Hammil’s comments now regarding how fundamentally he disagreed with Johnson. I wish we’d gotten the Luke that he knew he was supposed to be. Hammil is that character, he’s become that guy. He’s not some broken, grey old man and I think that’s part of why he was so upset. Luke wouldn’t ever burn books, he’d keep them and learn from them. After all, he was trying NOT to be a Space Nazi, right? How is burning books at all in character? Good thing Rey snagged them. Also, why on Earth would he try to kill Kylo when he didn’t even kill the Emperor and Vader? He tossed his saber away in ROTJ, even when facing down the 2 greatest threats in the galaxy. Nothing about his choices in TLJ make sense to me, outside of his projecting his presence to Crait. That, I loved. That was a very clever use of our projected expectations of our ideal Luke. The rest just felt way too disrespectful.

    Fourth, why in heck is everyone afraid of the First Order? We do not once see them oppressing any sort of civilization. We don’t know their scope or their impact on the galaxy. From what we see, they appear to be a very limited, splinter military cult. By the end, there are literally no large capitol ships of either fleet remaining. What does Kylo have left to command? I don’t understand the threat, or why, exactly, a new generation of Rebels need to rise up against something that most people don’t even seem to know about.

    Fifth, Snoke. I’m just going to leave that there. I can’t for the life of me figure out why they didn’t say anything, even one tiny tidbit, about who he is or where he’s from. Throwing us a curveball by providing non-answers to everything is not clever. It’s lazy story writing, and lazy twist revealing. Rey, I can forgive, because perhaps it’s best that she’s that relatable and universal, but give us something. It’s not that we need to know because we’re fans. We need to know so we can understand WTF is going on, and why we should care. This movie did that honestly about a dozen times, with very significant plot points. It’s like writing a melody where half of the lead notes are omitted, and calling it a brilliant new opus.

    Sixth, I can for the life of me not process or understand why Rey was not depicted as getting trained more thoroughly by Luke, or at least going around the islands and training herself to a greater extent. Apparently, there’s even an extensive deleted scene of just this. Why in the hell did they omit it? So we could have a fifth of the movie dedicated to Rose and Finn’s useless side story? If Luke was too against it (which he wasn’t, given he agreed to train her), then have Yoda step in and say hello. Do something, anything, to explain her remarkable abilities. It honestly seems like Disney is purposefully, blatantly TRYING to make Rey a Mary Sue now, which I spent 2 years arguing against. Now, I see anti-feminist comments on Youtube about it and I’m like…I don’t know what to say. Maybe they’re right? My god, maybe they’re right. Every single last male character failed in some major way. Now I find myself wondering, how the heck did we get here? Is the masculine really under cultural attack? FFS, I sure felt that way in this one, and I’m a goddamn feminist. All I can do is facepalm and carry on.

    Lastly, Kylo’s motivations could have been much more developed. In canon, in Aftermath, it’s revealed to the galaxy via the holonet that he, Leia and Luke are all direct descendants of Vader. He literally found out on the galactic internet, while he was already a student, probably already aware of some dark spark inside himself. Can you imagine how traumatizing and terrible that would be, waking up one day and reading on HuffPo that your grandpa was Hitler, and now everyone hates you and your family? That’d be a fucking perfect motivator for him to start questioning things, especially his mentors. Again, this is literally canon. Why they didn’t mention it in TFA or TLJ, I really can’t fathom.

    All of the things I mentioned above would have ample time to be flushed out and written in if they omitted the Canto Bight sequence. They could have even had time left over to give Rose and Finn something more significant and important to do, instead of a wild goose chase that does nothing. There were so many more ways they could have even put in small slices of dialogue that would have solved massive plot holes and motivational clarification from the characters.

    That said, the movie looked gorgeous. I appreciated some of the non-answers and non-reveals, and I’d been OK with one or two of them, like Rey being a nobody and Luke projecting himself into battle, if the rest had been treated with care. In making this movie for everyone else, Disney seems to have forgotten the core base that really feels deeply about the galaxy far, far away. Luke was my hero that my dad and other men never were in the real world, growing up. I’m not sure if they understood how much that meant to young men like me, to have at least one person to look up to, even if he was imaginary. Instead, the real world got to him, too, and I will never feel the same way about Star Wars again. I’ve just got to be my own hero, and I guess that was ultimately the point. Time to box up all of my memorabilia and retire it to the attic.

    • December 19, 2017 at 2:46 am

      Well said. You pretty much cover all the issues I have with the film very eloquently.

      Both myself and my young son were terribly disappointed. It has really put a shadow over the holidays. A very sad and depressing experience.

      • December 19, 2017 at 6:11 pm

        I’m sorry your son was disappointed especially. We can shake this stuff off but young people especially deserve to be inspired.

  • December 18, 2017 at 10:58 pm

    Imagine that poor cancer sick kid who got to see the movie before he died because he wanted to see his hero Luke Skywalker one last time… And the last thing this kid sees its this farce, this abortion, this horrendous rape of his hero… Disney, you probably ended this kid’s life even earlier thanks to this abomination..

    • December 18, 2017 at 11:17 pm

      Since you’re spanning articles with the identical post, I’ll copy my previous reply to you here.

      Re: “horrendous rape of his hero”, “this abortion”, “farce”, “ended this kid’s life even earlier”

      After reading your foul, off-the-charts hyperbolic comment, I can confidently say that you might want to consider medication.

      You dredge up this “representation” of a true SW fan, a child dying of cancer, & write as if you’re speaking for them.

      FYI – I’m confident this (real or otherwise) kid who got to see movie had an amazing experience viewing it. I doubt they’re as twisted & jaded as you.

      • December 19, 2017 at 7:17 pm

        Unfortunately, Spartacus is right. Hyperbole aside, it is truly sad to consider this film was the last of Luke Skywalker that poor child got to see, because they crushed his character into nothing. The whole film did that, with virtually everything at the core of Star Wars. It is truly a depressing, baffling mess of a film that makes it a firm point, throughout, to spit in the face of fans and thoughtful moviegoers.

  • December 19, 2017 at 9:15 am

    Fantastic podcast… right to the end when you described us all as being that little kid looking to the stars wanting to be a force for change.

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