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Entertainment Weekly’s Anthony Breznican Provides a Closer Look at Two Vehicles from Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Vehicles in Star Wars are always an exciting topic, and with The Last Jedi being released in just two weeks, Entertainment Weekly has uncovered some information with regard to two of the new vehicles from the movie.



What is quite unusual about one of the vehicles is the fact that they were built specifically to underwhelm. The Resistance Ski Speeders have been described as “janky, rattletrap surface skimmers meant to evoke dread”. Rian Johnson intended for this to be the case as he wanted to even out the playing field for both sides of the battle. In comparison to the AT-M6 “Gorilla Walkers” the Ski Speeders seem to be outmatched.



In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Creative Executive for the Lucasfilm Story Group, Pablo Hidalgo spoke about how the Resistance will make do with what they are left with in order to survive.


“One of Rian’s overriding principals on them is … they are basically heaps of crap. They are old and not meant to instill confidence. They are like a lot of things in the Resistance — weapons of last resort. Use what you have on hand, even old, outdated stuff falling apart for years. If you believe in it, hopefully it will fly.”


From footage already released featuring the Ski Speeders, there is evidence to suggest how bad these vehicles could be. The speeders are so wobbly that they require a stabilizer that drags across the ground in order to stay upright. If the Resistance can somehow outdo the AT-M6’s with these speeders then the victory will be more than impressive.


Check out this cool video from Entertainment Weekly where Anthony Breznican talks about the Ski Speeders:



Moving on, we have the Canto Bight police speeders. Hidalgo spoke about the city in a recent interview and mentioned that the casino city Canto Bight is all about elegance, with that in mind, the police speeders have been described as “Graceful, delicate and fragile, but Fast”.



The vehicles themselves are powered by blades that share a similar resemblance to tail rotors on a helicopter. Some of the promotional materials released throughout the build-up for the Last Jedi suggest that Rose and Finn end up on Canto Bight, so there is potential that the pair may end up having a run in with these vehicles.


Anthony Breznican also talks about the Canto Bight police speeders:



Check out Anthony’s full articles on the vehicles above HERE and HERE.


We were delighted to record with Anthony on our Resistance Broadcast earlier this week. Be sure to catch the brand new episode on Monday, Dec. 4th!




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