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UPDATE 5! New Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer and Advance Ticket Sales on October 9!

Breathe. Just… Breathe, Star Wars fans. Your patience is about to be rewarded, as a pair of new tweets hint that something major related to The Last Jedi is on the horizon, and we’ll be seeing it soon. Also we got a definite confirmation about the exact date of the trailer premiere…




September 18, 2017


The official Star Wars Twitter account has just shared a .GIF based on footage from The Last Jedi. On one hand, it’s based on a scene we’ve already watched in the first trailer. But on the other, it’s tagged with a phrase that’s teasing something so much bigger on the horizon:




It’s almost time for something… To arrive. Exactly what, we can’t say for certain, but hopefully the people at Lucasfilm will clear things up in the near future. Some have speculated that the next trailer will hit with October 16 – the same day a major Monday Night Football game will be played in the United States – but it seems as though additional footage might be a little closer than initially believed.


I should also note that, for what it’s worth, we’re also about three months to the day that The Last Jedi is released in theaters. However, we were previously told to expect the next trailer either this month or in October, so that’s where my hunch that this is a sort of “trailer tease” kind of thing comes from. In any case – we’re almost there!






September 19, 2017


Well as it turns out, the next trailer might hit a week earlier than what some fans were anticipating. Mark Hamill is now teasing an October 9 teaser on MNF:




This is a smart move to make on Disney’s part, as it allows them to get a boost to ESPN viewership, which has been struggling as of late. Hamill’s response here makes it abundantly clear that they’re moving closer to kicking the marketing campaign for The Last Jedi into high gear, which is great to hear. Less than a month to go before we have to wait for a little more than two months to see the movie!






Aaand Mark deleted the tweet! He’s been trolling the fans on Twitter before but I don’t think this was the case this time. I guess he jumped the gun and he was politely asked to remove the tweet by LFL. Well, the damage is done, the news is out and my guess is that we will get an official confirmation on the trailer tomorrow on the Star Wars Show. But still, you never know with Mark…. Remember when he teased an Episode VIII trailer in the past and it turned out to be trailer for his show’s 8th episode? 🙂


Although you can still read the text from the deleted tweet above, here’s a screenshot of the tweet before it was removed.







Many fans reached out to Hamill asking him for clarification on his now removed tweet. Here are some of the replies he gave:






I will leave these with no comment for now because you obviously never know with Mark the Joker. 🙂







September 19, 2017


After trying to confirm the October 9 release date of the trailer for a few days now, we finally received a solid confirmation that the trailer is indeed coming on that day during Monday Night Football.








October 5, 2017


As we said in the previous update in this article from 2 weeks ago, we got confirmation that The Last Jedi trailer will hit on October 9th, which is just in 4 days time. We can probably expect the official announcement and new poster to be revealed the day before on Sunday as they did with The Force Awakens.



Also we know that it makes perfect sense to start selling tickets on the same day, but since we didn’t have a specific confirmation on this we decided not to speculate about it.


In the last days a few reports from fans who tried to contact different theater chains suggested that indeed tickets for The Last Jedi will go on sale on the same date the trailer will be released.


Now a new report has appeared on Reddit providing evidence that tickets will indeed go on sale on October 9th:




Are you ready? We’re almost there…