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Star Wars Battlefront II Preview – A New Hope for the franchise? Plus New Trailer Revealed!

It seems that once the year grows cold comes the Star Wars season. Two years ago we got the rebooted Battlefront in November, and The Force Awakens in December. Last year December gave us Rogue One. This year The Last Jedi (December) follows Star Wars: Battlefront II (November).

Let’s take a look at what kind of battlefield it’s going to be.



Into the Inferno


SW: Battlefront II is coming with a full singleplayer campaign, which is a significant improvement over the famously story-less predecessor. To make things even more interesting, the storyline is going to have a perspective previously unseen in mainstream Star Wars media. Yes, we are going to play as a commander of an Imperial commando unit, Inferno Squad.



Iden Versio, for this is her name, has received the last order from Emperor Palpatine in the last moments before the second Death Star got Rebel’d up. The specifics of this order remain largely unknown, of course, but what we do know is that the story is going to be canonical. It’s also going to cover the 30-year gap separating the original trilogy from the sequels. At this point it wouldn’t be especially surprising if it turned out that the First Order was a result of Palpatine’s Last Order.


The developers have reportedly claimed, that SW: BFII story will convert people to the Dark Side. Which assumes most gamers weren’t DS to begin with. Silly.


Either way, we’ll visit a number of planets, including Crait featured in The Last Jedi trailer, a fully-subservient Imperial world Versio hails from, and more.


Although Versio is not a Force user, the fans of Mind Tricks and lightsaber can rest easy. It’s been said, that at some points along the way players will get to control characters like Rey or Luke Skywalker. There’s no telling how long and involved these cameos will be, but getting a break from all the shooting might be nice.




Classes are coming


Changes are also coming to the multiplayer, and they aren’t going to be insignificant. Among them are classes, which are going to fill some specific roles on the battlefield.



First up there is the Assault Trooper, your typical grunt with an automatic rifle. Assaults are there to push the frontlines, and they have access to shotguns for some extra short-to-medium range options.


Then we’ll get Heavy Troopers, with their cannons and deployable shields. Ideally, they’ll provide suppression and mop up after the Assaults have done their jobs.


As an enemy harassment option there are the Specialists, which fill the sniper and scout niches. Equipped with long-range weapons and traps they will probably be a new reason for people to cry about campers.


Finally there are going to be Officers, whose role will largely be about providing aid to other troops, including defensive and offensive auras. When needed, they’ll also be able to plop a turret down on the battlefield to plug any gaps left in the defences.



Special units


It seems that in designing Battlefront II EA DICE took a good look at things people disliked about the previous game and decided to improve them. Another such thing was the way you can play special units.



In Battlefront I you needed to find arcade’y tokens somewhere on the map, which gave you the power to transform. That solution is gone now.


Star Wars Battlefront 2 will test you on your skills and commitment to your team before letting you play with the cool toys.


The way it’s going to work is that you will accumulate points for doing things which help your team, be it capturing objective, fragging enemies or what have you. The more you get, the better units you’ll be able to respawn as. That of course includes hero units like Yoda, Darth Maul or Boba Fett.



Space combat


As befit a game set in the Star Wars universe, space combat is going to be fully featured from the get go, rather than waiting for green light post-release as it was with Battfront’s immediate predecessor.



Reportedly steering a craft is going to be a little tricky, especially to people unaccustomed to this kind of three-dimensional controls, but presumably it’s going to be just a matter of getting used to it.


And, much like in the regular boot-to-the-ground modes, doing well will get you enough point to spawn as classics like the Millennium Falcon or Slave-1.



To be continued


All things considered, Star Wars Battlefront II is shaping up to be a pretty significant improvement over the previous instalment. Especially the reworked special units acquisition and the introduction of singleplayer campaign are welcome. Presence of distinct classes may appeal to multiplayer veterans and people who previously may have found themselves wishing for a more defined role.


The next battle for the galaxy launches on November 17 this year. Is the Force going to be with you?



And now check out the new Star Wars: Battlefront II launch trailer:





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