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Heroes in This Galaxy: Diego Luna’s Charity Movement for Mexico City Earthquake Recovery

A week ago today, Mexico City was struck by a 7.1 magnitude earthquake. The outpouring of support and help from civilians and people all over the world didn’t take long and has truly been a vital source in uplifting the spirits of the Mexican people. Crews from all over the world have been sent to help in the rescue efforts, digging through rubble in search of those still trapped.

Celebrities have been using their social media presence to promote different ways to be involved in the recovery efforts, including one of our recent Star Wars actors. Diego Luna, who most of us now know as the warmhearted yet relentlessly tactical Rebellion spy Captain Cassian Andor in Rogue One, has been inspiring his followers of his social media accounts by calling for donations and volunteers to help the recovery efforts.



Diego Luna’s Instagram and Twitter feeds (@diegoluna) are full of lists of requested donations for the communities affected by the earthquake, and call for volunteers to pick up debris and help the military and emergency crews with the removal of rubble and distribution of donated food, medicines, and materials to shelters and affected areas.


Last night he talked about it on “Conan on TBS” with Conan O’Brien, sharing his experiences during the earthquake – actually watching a building collapse in front of him – and how he was inspired by the sight of people actually running towards the damaged areas to help and look for survivors. He talked about the civilian grassroots movement he is leading – Lago Tanganica 67 – where, as mentioned above, people are asked to drop donations at this location or come to volunteer.





He also shared several pictures, not only to show the magnitude of destruction caused by the earthquake, but to emphasize the incredible impact the help of volunteers has made, through their efforts and outpouring of compassion and hope, by turning towards those in need, and not away. Luna also showed the picture of Frida, a rescue Labrador retriever from the Mexican Navy who, equipped with protective goggles and boots, has saved 52 lives that were trapped in the collapsed buildings.



For those who want to donate from outside of Mexico, Diego as well as his friend, Mexican actor Gael Garcia, have teamed up with Omaze to create a donation link. Earthquake relief can be provided by donating to donate.omaze.com/mexico and it has been made clear that “100 percent of the funds are going directly to local organizations and social initiatives dedicated to helping those most affected by this catastrophe.”


There is still so much to do in Mexico City and the other affected Mexican cities as efforts to find those still trapped could last for weeks. The situation and challenge is monumental, but so are the wills and hearts of those volunteering and sacrificing to help. It is heartwarming to see one of our fictional heroes from a galaxy far, far away is a real one in our own galaxy, and aspiring others to become heroes themselves.


Thank you to Diego and everyone who has helped and continue to help Mexico and its people.




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