The Resistance Broadcast – Episode 77 – The Star Wars Excitement Wave Continues Plus a Special Giveaway!

This week on The Resistance Broadcast, we discuss…

Poll Results; New TLJ Promo Shots Revealed; Episode IX Adds Jack Thorne As Writer; John Boyega Talks About Carrie Fisher And Finn’s Mission in TLJ; Ron Howard Talks More Han Solo; SWNN’s Wayward Jedi; Bill’s Comic Review; Hasbro The Last Jedi 3.75″ First Wave Revealed; Rian Johnson and Gwendoline Christie Come Up With Phasma’s Backstory; Secrets of the Empire VR Experience Coming to Disneyland and Disney Springs; Billy Lourd’s Potential Increasing Role As Lieutenant Connix; We also have a special giveaway for you and more.



Host: Patric Covey
Leaders of the Resistance: Bill Sheehy, James Baney, John Hoey







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The Prize



Check out the story about the new writer for Episode IX, Jack Thorne, here


Check out Wayward Jedi’s video about Twelve O’Clock High below:





Check out the recent artwork by our friend John Burns of Luke and Rey. You can follow John on Twitter @realJBurns.



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Founder of SWNN, MNN and The Cantina forums.Born on April 24, 1980.

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