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LEGO Teases Biggest Star Wars Set Ever For October Reveal!

Who says that all the big Star Wars merchandise reveals have to hit before Force Friday? LEGO is teasing that a record-breaking product is going to be unveiled about a month later.


The preview below suggests that LEGO will be unveiling another big piece of Star Wars on the first Friday in October:

For frame of reference, the current record-holder for biggest LEGO set based on the Star Wars line merchandise is the Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon, which consists of a mind-blowing 5,195 pieces. (Both Death Star sets, conversely, are merely 3,000+ pieces.) So what could be bigger than that? In my book, two things come to mind as far as Disney’s Star Wars are concerned – the first being Starkiller Base itself, and the second being the rumored Mega Star Destroyer that could appear in The Last Jedi. Either of these things would be timely to release before The Last Jedi is actually released in theaters, but the latter seems like it’d be a better tie-in. Or it might just be an updated version of the Millennium Falcon set, perhaps including the radar that can be seen in the Sequel Trilogy after the Original Trilogy radar got dinged at the end of the Battle of Endor, which is something that LEGO have apparently hinted at before. One thing is for certain about this upcoming LEGO set – many fans are going to be feeling disturbances in their wallets if they want to pick up this thing!