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The Resistance Broadcast – Episode 70 – Quick! Grab a Colt 45, Lando!!

On this episode of The Resistance Broadcast…

Confirmed The Last Jedi First Order Designs via merchandise leaked (AT-M6, Stormtrooper Officer, First Order Guards (for Snoke?); Colin Trevorrow Ep. IX News and Discussion; Donald Glover Talks playing Lando Calrissian; Ahsoka Shenanigans; Star Wars Land Info Coming To D23; Commando Cody Funko Pop Vinyl Fig; John Burn’s New Fan Comic Coming Soon; Is The Force With You Or Not With You?



We are trying a new format of the show so let us know what you think by leaving us feedback. Enjoy the awkward sound effects and added comedy in this episode alone. This may or may not stay in the show depending on how you all respond. This time is mainly for laughs or to provide ambiance.


Host: Ganon136
Guests: Pomojema, John Hoey, Bill Sheehy







The New Designs discussed in today’s episode from TLJ can be found HERE



Filoni debunks the theories of Ahsoka being the wolf:





Commander Cody coming to a Walgreens near you:





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If you missed the news last podcast, no worries, we gave you a reminder of what’s to come!






Check out the new VR experience coming to Apple VR from ILMxLAB:






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