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New Info On Visceral’s Star Wars Game.

While it was lost in the recent drama with Han Solo, a new set of rumors about the Visceral Games Star Wars title just got out – a few of them familiar, most of them unknown until now. What they’ve learned sheds light on the game’s story and a few of the gameplay mechanics.






If you recall one of our articles on the Visceral Games title, we’d heard that the game was originally going to be a title focusing on a younger version of Han Solo, but its story was reworked to be about a new character with his own story in the seedy underworld of the Star Wars Galaxy. Now, Making Star Wars just released two articles covering the mysterious video game project.



The game is set between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, but errs closer to the events of the latter. Our hero, a smuggler known only by the alias “Dodger” (voiced by Todd Stashwick, who is also the game’s co-writer), was an Alderaanian human who ditched the Imperial draft to become a smuggler, a lifestyle which he quickly grew accustomed to as he made friends in low places. His life changed substantially for the worse when the Empire destroyed Alderaan; though he put the blame for the disaster on the Rebel Alliance for escalating the conflict, he soon found a bounty placed on his head by the Empire, who is looking to apprehend or kill any of Alderaan’s remaining survivors.


In the “present” of the game’s story, we find out that Dodger’s trying to raise enough money to bribe corrupt Imperials to take down his bounty, and he takes an odd job for Jabba in order to secure these funds. The problem he soon discovers is that the Empire is now expanding its occupation of Outer Rim planets in order to root out any Rebel Alliance sympathizers – which, naturally, shakes up many uneasy alliances (especially since one group, the Rang Clan, chooses to sell out to the Empire). Dodger is horrified to discover that the Empire has found a way to weaponize the remains of Alderaan with a mysterious substance that can be found in the asteroid field where the planet once was, and when the weapon is used on someone he cares about, he and his motley crew commit themselves to making sure that this abominable weapon can never be utilized.



Also during their latest podcast, MakingStarWars revealed new details on a new R2 inspired droid from the game, based on some concepts they’d seen. According to them this droid is based on Ralph McQuarrie’s design of Artoo and it belongs to Dodger. The droid is like a medic to the main character. Here’s more from Jason:

She travels on a rolling base covered by a cylindrical body. However, the big difference for Doc is that her head docks to her body allowing her to detach and help in interesting way. Doc will presumably heal you on game. Her body is white. The detailing (like where Artoo is blue) is red. She has a disc antenna on top of her heard like Chopper.



For whatever reason, I’m getting some serious Dark Forces vibes from the sounds of this story, and let me say that that ain’t a bad thing – the game seems like a great template to draw inspiration from for this sort of narrative. While Dodger is a smuggler, he’s not a carbon-copy of Han Solo, which should hopefully be apparent as we learn more about his backstory and how Alderaan is heavily tied to it. One last thing to note is that Dodger has a light-whip that comes in handy in combat (usually to ensnare enemies so that they become sitting ducks for his blaster). All in all, the game’s story sounds very interesting – but what we’re all really interested in is gameplay, which sadly won’t be revealed for a while.



Source: Making Star Wars