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Rumor: The Last Jedi 70mm IMAX Teaser Trailer to be Attached to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2

The Last Jedi teaser trailer that was revealed during Star Wars Celebration Orlando will make its IMAX premiere on the big screen with the upcoming release of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, but not all cinemas will get the full 70mm glory of the teaser. Read on for the details.



This revelation comes from Twitter member @ImTheFilmEditor, who’s been involved with IMAX screenings as part of his job. He took a photo with the trailers that will be attached to the GOTG Vol.2 IMAX screening. Although the quality is not great, you can see The Last Jedi name in the list (the fourth from top to bottom).





As you probably remember during the filming in Ireland back in May 2016 Rian Johnson confirmed to some lucky fans that they will be filming a few scenes from the movie in IMAX. We know that they had IMAX cameras on the set there (they even broke one), so we know that at least one of the sequences shot in IMAX will take place on Ahch-To.



In February 2017, officially confirmed that “Rian Johnson has captured key sequences of Star Wars: The Last Jedi using IMAX’s extremely high-resolution cameras”. For comparison The Force Awakens had only one sequence shot in IMAX (the Falcon chase on Jakku).


We reached out to @ImTheFilmEditor for more information and he had the following to say about which scenes from the teaser were shot using IMAX cameras. We can’t confirm in any way that this is 100% correct so you decide for yourself:


“In limited 70MM IMAX Film Theaters (REAL 8 Story tall IMAX screens), the Teaser Trailer will feature shots that were filmed in IMAX! Here are the IMAX Shots featured in the Teaser. Scenes subject to change with the final 70MM IMAX Film Experience release; but here they are:



But keep in mind that this is only for 70MM IMAX, Digital IMAX is just standard 35MM DMR Projection. Also, there is no word on how many minutes or the number of scenes from the film that had been shot on IMAX yet, but I quote “many more minutes than TFA!” And keep in mind that the 70MM screenings are for a very limited time, before they all go to digital until the film’s release!”


The amount of IMAX scenes seem rather big, especially compared to TFA. Until there is an official confirmation, treat these with the usual grain of salt.



You should also keep in mind that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 was not shot on 70mm IMAX but on Digital 35mm. So if you see the teaser in one of the few locations that will have it in 70mm, only the mentioned scenes (subject to change) will fill the whole IMAX screen, then the movie will fully switch to 35mm.