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The New OFFICIAL Star Wars Fragrance Collection. Get your Half Price Discount from SWNN.

KeepMe Group have teamed up with Lucasfilm and Disney to create The Ultimate Star Wars Collectors Gift – a range of Official Star Wars Fragrances boxed in beautifully designed packaging. The Star Wars fragrance collection includes six unique scents representing the light and dark side of the Force. Amazing, right!?


In the development of this range, KeepMe Group has focused on creating a range of products that is true to Star Wars. The team, based in the UK are keen to point out that this range has been created by Star Wars fans for Star Wars fans. The attention to detail on the packaging is out of this world! The hardcore fan and collectors will truly appreciate the attention to detail with references to characters (using unique designs that can ONLY be found on this collection – WOW!) It truly is a cool product, combining high quality Eau de Parfum fragrances with high-end packaging finishes.


KeepMe sent us a few samples to test, and I have to say that I am super impressed by the packaging of the fragrances – from a collector perspective these are worth the money alone. The photos really don’t do the product justice! The boxes are made using a soft to the touch black card. All the Star Wars logos and characters that you see in the photos above are actually made with a glossy UV that reflects in the light. The packaging of the Revenge, Droid, Rey and Galaxy is in a super cool Book format, telling the story of the characters – it looks like a Star Wars book on your shelf!! It is clear that this range has been created by Star Wars fans! The inspiration of the packaging seems to be about the “Light” or the “Dark” side of the Force with Rebel Alliance and First Order symbols on the boxes as well as some key characters – Kylo Ren, BB8, Rey and a Stormtrooper.


Here’s a bit about the whole collection from the manufacturers to help you choose your favorite scent. All are in 50ml bottles unless stated:


Dark (unisex) – A powerful, dark explosion of mystical notes, permeating the air and encapsulating you in all that is dark and enticing.



Light (unisex) – A strong, fresh, pure infusion which enlightens the senses and refreshes the soul. It captures a warm ambiance and surrounds you in all that is good and inviting.



Rey (for women) – A powerful sweet, fruity and floral fragrance representing all that is strong, collected and sophisticated.



Droid (for men) – An androgynous, energetic, citric and floral fragrance combined with spicy and musky elements representing all that is precocious and good spirited.



Galaxy (unisex) – A zesty, energetic, woody fragrance with warm and floral spicy notes representing all that is fearless and heroic.



Revenge (for men) – A dominant spicy aromatic fragrance with woody and capricious dark notes representing the very essence of the Dark Side of the force.



Star Wars Coffret Set (unisex) – 4 x 10ml electroplated fragrances for you to mix and match. The set contains the 10ml version of Galaxy, Droid, Light and Dark.



KeepMe was kind enough to send us a few samples, and I have to say that I am super impressed by the packaging of the perfumes. The photos above don’t give the product justice. The boxes are made of a a very soft to the touch black cardboard and all the Star Wars logos and characters that you see in the photos above are actually made with a glossy black paint that shines in the light.


We received a number of samples to test out. The Travel Set is a winner for me. I had the chance to try the Galaxy, Dark, Light and Droid fragrances which are all unisex. I have to say that the Light fragrance is my personal favorite – it is a little lighter and fresher, but again everything is just a question of taste. In terms of fragrance, there is really something for everyone. For me the Dark and the Revenge line are a bit too “Dark” for my taste!! However, every fragrance is clearly a high quality and I have been complimented a few times already! Even if I didn’t like the fragrances I am happy to just have the fragrance collection on my shelf at home.



The product is currently available to buy online and in various stores. However, because we are nice, we have trawled the internet to find the best prices for each fragrance. In terms of value for money – I am amazed by the prices…! Please note some of these offers are available for a limited time only, all prices are in GBP (£).


Dark (unisex) – £17 
Light (unisex) – £17
Rey (for women) – £15
Droid (unisex) – £15
Galaxy (unisex) – £16.95
Duo (unisex) – £25
Revenge (for men) – £15
Star Wars Coffret Set (unisex) – £17



If you’re located in the US you can order each product on the KeepMe site here. They offer a pretty decent shipping to the US (£10).

Also all our readers can use the following discount code on their site for the next 7 days:


Link –

Promo Code – SWDEAL

Discount – Half price on all items



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