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Han Solo: New Details on the Fuerteventura Shoot.

Our friends from Supervivientes De Endor alert us once again for a new report, posted in a local Spanish newspaper revealing more details about the upcoming Fuerteventura shoot for the Star Wars: Han Solo standalone film.



From La Provincia via Supervivientes De Endor (translated by Google):


The dune area of ​​Cañada de la Barca, inside the Jandía Natural Park, will become the desert planet of Coreilla, an area where the young Han Solo came from and the place, where he became the best smuggler in the galaxy doing orders for Jabba the Hutt and where, according to Legends, managed to complete the Kessel run in less than twelve parsecs, with its precious ship, the Millennium Falcon.



The Sur-Film production company intensifies the work to get everything ready before the film begins. In an area close to the unique place of Agualiques and much of the coastline of Barlovento, the base camp has been set up on a huge esplanade that has been built after the completion of important earthworks.

Enormous tents were built that will house actors and extras, as well as the crew of the shoot. From make-up sets, dressing rooms, bathrooms and so on. In another area there are numerous containers with, water and fuel tanks. Meanwhile, a swarm of workers continue with the assembly of the facilities.



The area is crowded with security guards to avoid any intrusion of personnel outside the film.

Yesterday diverse machinery that will be used during the process of preparation began to arrive. Early in the morning, three telescopic machines arrived at the Puerto del Rosario wharf. They arrived in the capital of Gran Canaria from the Peninsula, and were then shipped to the island aboard the vessel ‘Volcan de Tauce’, owned by the Armas shipping company.



The statement that this set will stand in for the planet Corellia, seems more like a speculation than a fact. They didn’t quote any source for that, and for now the appearance of Han Solo’s home planet in the movie seems more like a best guess. Actually it will be really strange if we don’t see Corellia in “Han Solo”.


Until now, in the official Star Wars canon Corellia has only been mentioned several times and never actually shown. Here’s Wookieepedia’s entry on Han Solo’s home planet:

Corellia was a planet located in the galaxy’s Core Worlds known for its ace pilots and large starships. Vessels such as the Millennium Falcon and Imperial starships were built on Corellia. At some point in the Imperial era, an organization known as the Corellian Resistance operated on the planet, fighting against the Galactic Empire. One of their members, Miru Nadrinakar, attempted to warn them of an upcoming crackdown. It was the homeworld of Han Solo, Wedge Antilles, Crix Madine, BoShek, the Besalisk Gadren, the bounty hunter Dengar, and the Jedi younglings Kalifa and Petro.


It’s worth mentioning that the planet’s climate in Wookieepedia is described as temperate and the primary terrain is forests, jungles and urban. As you can see that is a complete mismatch from the title image in this article, but who knows. My guess is that while we indeed may see Corellia in “Han Solo”, it may not necessarily be that location in Spain.



Another interesting fact from the Wookieepedia quote above is that Dengar is also born on Corellia. It would be cool to see the infamous bounty hunter in the movie, as he also appeared in the Original Trilogy, The Clone Wars and Battlefront, and there is definitely a fan interest towards him. Of course this is only speculation.


What do you think? Could this be Corellia? Do you want to see Dengar in the movie as one of the villains? Tell us in the comments below.



Again, special thanks to Supervivientes De Endor for the heads up.



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  • BobRoss

    Finally a desert planet! I am so glad we don’t get to see Felucia for the 1000th time :P

    • Clone11038

      stop right there.

    • Bifash

      I’d love to see Iskalon ;D

      • obijuanmartinez

        Or Uranus… *zing*


    • Crixxxx

      Bob Ross could paint a more realistic-looking planet than Felucia in 20 minutes.

      • Lora

        Actually from scientific point of view, Felucia is more realistic looking alien planet than any planet that looks like Earth.
        Scientifically chances are much greater that alien planets will be more like Felucia than Earth.

        Felucia is a great unique looking planet. I want more unique, alien looking planets and less Earth-like planets. It is unrealistic to have galaxy full of Earth copies.

        • Andrew Malenda

          I’ve found the more realistic, earth-like planets of the recent movies to be quite refreshing. Having said that, I’m ready for more exotic planets again. They teased a couple in Rogue One. I thought Eadu was beautiful and the Ring of Kafrene nudged things in a decent direction.

        • Helge Kåre Fauskanger

          It’s selection bias. The planets we get to visit are necessarily the planets where humans can survive with ease, or they wouldn’t go there in the first place.

          But they could do some variations on this. We could have some subtle comedy if they would ever visit a high-gravity world. Suddenly it feels like you are carrying yourself on your back, and even standing up is a feat …

        • TUD

          “Scientifically chances are much greater that alien planets will be more like Felucia than Earth.”


  • MaxboxOne

    I wanna see nar shadaa or trandosha if they do make a boba fett bounty hunter movie

    • fizznick

      Let’s also add Taris, Malachor V, and Sullust! And if they get around to it, Dantooine would be interesting as well.

  • Clone11038

    Much like a spaghetti western setting. And I love spaghetti westerns.


    Wait so is this confirmed to be Corellia? Or is it just speculation?

    • The Spanish newspaper said that without any explanation. Our guess is that they were speculating. I doubt they would know any details about the production.

      • NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

        Ah, okay thank you..then my theory as soon as I saw desert can remain lol..THIS MOVIE WILL END WITH HAN AND CHEWIES ARIVAL TO..wait for it..MOS EISLEY CANTINA.

    • Bifash

      I thought that the Dubrovnik shoot for EP8 ( featuring all the black and white garbed people ) was speculated to be Corellia?

      • NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

        Exactly why I was confused cause I didn’t know corellia was a desert planet..unless it has desert regions which would be fine..idk point is we might see corellia so that’s badass.

  • Bifash

    Can’t wait till we star getting shots of the actors on-set and in their costumes. Still not sold yet on Alden Ehrenreich as Han, but am happy to be proved wrong eventually. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/48cd1503d5b2b305f6ea2c23a914ccd56564e32ebe6e0def94e34f3ae9775c21.jpg

  • Another fucking desert planet? After we already got Tatooine, Geonosis, Jakku, and Jedha? Jesus H. Christ. Why not just leave Corellia’s climate/terrain as it was in Legends? Does everything have to be botched and watered down when being extracted from Legends and used in the new canon (i.e. Korriban, Thrawn, etc.)?

    • Crixxxx

      Star Wars is a Western. Deal with it.

      • ForceMasterJ

        A desert isn’t the only location away from civilization… deal with it

        • Crixxxx

          Which is why we also see frozen wastelands, swamps, forests, lava planets, tropical planets, jungle planets…

      • Jens Joe Nick

        Yeah right. A western with an Emperor and a princess and a magician…?
        It’s a fairy-tale!

        Just because there is a rough guy with a gun doesn’t make it into a western.

        • Crixxxx

          Then I guess by that logic, they should be hanging around old castles with knights in shining armor. What makes it stylistically a Western is the gritty frontier, populated with lawlessness, seedy saloons filled with scoundrels, gangs of bandits and criminals that the main characters have to deal with.

    • obijuanmartinez

      Another desert planet? Yeah – it’s called his boss’s CRIB. Duh! Tatooine, son! Home of Jabba’s palace – that site’s assertion that Corellia is a desert planet is horse hockey, and not in any way backed up in canon…moving on

    • Smullie_1138

      Apparently that stems from a George Lucas statement, most planets in the SW universe are desert types. Can’t find a link, but I think it’s from the TFA commentary.

  • Andy

    Future Ventura? That’s all the movie needs… feckin’ Jim Carrey running around with his STD’s. What is this, Han Solo Pet detective?

  • j84

    i hope im wrong but im no excited about this movie alden ehrenreich he is no even similar to harrison ford, the other guy i cant remember his name was perfect for the role, time will tell

    • Uncle Deadly

      the other guy had the look. Not the feel.

    • Nat

      Anthony Ingruber ? :)
      It’s feasible it’s Tatooine… assuming the ref to Jabba is correct, and Jabba was on Tats 10 years before ANH ??

      • Kent Kaliber

        Anthony Ingruber would have been a FAR better choice. He look like Han. He sounds JUST like Han. Hell he’s even PLAYED a “young Harrison Ford” on the silver screen before. Absolutely SHAMEFUL that he did not receive an audition for this.

        • Jens Joe Nick

          He looks a bit.. and sounded like him.

          But there is a huge difference between impersonating a famous character in one scene and actually playing that role in a whole movie.

        • 999SickBoy666 .

          Look matters nothing. They could’ve hired a black middle-aged man, to play young Han Solo, as long as he was a good actor.
          Ehrenreich is an incredibly talented actor. Ingruber is not – he’s an impersonator, at best and, honestly, that impression wasn’t even all that good: he got the voice and the body language right and that was pretty much it. I watched the thing and all I saw was a kid trying to come up with his best Han Solo impression. Cute, but that’s not acting, and that’s the problem: if you want to go with the impression of a character, you need a perfect look a like; if want an actual character, you need an actor
          “Oh, he looks exactly like him” is a cheap trick and it’s for fanboys, aka “people who can’t tell the difference between a book’s cover and its content”.

        • Shakes’ likes da Dog’s Mess!

          Here we go again. As much as I loathe the recasting come what may, can we please have an end to people babbling about Ingruber. The guy looks like Ford and can mimic him. He has ONE LINE in Age of Adeline. However, there is no evidence whatsoever that just because he can ape Ford he is an otherwise skilled actor.

        • Bobby Sharp

          Until we actually get to see Ehrenreich play Solo, it’s impossible to say. A lot of folks were impressed by Ingruber’s Solo impression. I wasn’t. Yeah, he sort of looked like Ford, but he came off as a dude trying to be Han Solo rather than someone really filling the role. Maybe this other fella will stink. Who knows? But I doubt Ingruber would have been able to pull it off.

        • Gerry Blue

          Agreed, a lot of people say he could not carry the weight of a movie, well, I for one haven’t seen Alden in anything, Anthony already played a young Ford (who let’s be honest, basically plays himself in every movie) and Disney had had plenty of time to coach and teach Anthony, Lord knows what goes into casting a movie, but let’s not forget Alden comes recommended by Spielberg, so there you go.

        • Kenny Ritchie

          Utter drivel.

          Judging from his resume, he has extremely limited talent. He’s mostly being in shorts, nothing I’ve actually heard off. There’s no way a studio like Disney would hand over a role like Han Solo to someone like him. Acting and impersonations are distinctly different.

      • Bobby Sharp

        Tats? Please don’t let this be a thing….

  • patriot8813

    Corellia being yet another desert planet would be kinda lame.

  • Shawn

    I think is it wrong to jump to the idea that this is Han’s homeworld. More likely it’s just a different part of Tatooine. That is where we met him and Chewie so, it is not a big jump to think Han has been doing business on Tatooine for years. He obviously did enough business there to be hired by Jabba at some point. But we will have to wait and see.

  • Kent Kaliber

    The more “DESERT” in Star Wars —- the BETTER. Its kind of like BUTTER, I always want more.

    • Gerry Blue

      I like deserts but I hate sand, it’s irritating and it gets everywhere, and I mean everywhere

  • Gerry Blue

    “according to Legends, managed to complete the Kessel run in less than twelve parsecs, with its precious ship, the Millennium Falcon.” What Legends, Disney Legends or legends inside the SW universe? Because for both, I though the Kessel Run was a fact

    • Jens Joe Nick

      It is a fact, because it was mentioned in the original movie.

  • Lora

    I’am soo tired of desert planets in Star Wars. Give us something unique looking. I do not want another Tatooine rip-off.

    • TheRaper

      How about a planet like Naboo?

    • Kent Kaliber

      Han Solo comes from somewhere “rough” like a desert most likely. It just fits the character. I don’t see Han coming from the Tropics or some lame Prequel-Planet.

      • Jens Joe Nick

        No. He comes from Corellia, which is a jungle/forrest planet.

  • Jens Joe Nick

    It can’t be Corellia.

    But I guess, there are enough desert planets in Star Wars… so my bet is, that that is either Tatooine and Solo is dealing with Jabba again or this may also be Kessel.

  • Jens Joe Nick
    • Shakes’ likes da Dog’s Mess!

      Oh God, I really hope they’re not going down that road. A Ford-less Han Solo is already of little interest to me, but I really don’t want to see the Kessel Run.

  • Alexa Custard

    Of course they’ll do the goddamn Kessel Run. Do you honestly think Disney are going to pass up a chance to do a callback to that?

    • Kent Kaliber

      And…. why would that be bad? Its obviously a PARAMOUNT moment in the life of Han Solo and immortalizing moment for the Millennium Falcon. I’ll go home DISAPPOINTED with the film if I don’t see a high-speed Kessel Run.

      • Uncle Deadly

        It would be so terrible if this movie tried to explain every single thing from his life mention in ANH

        • Kent Kaliber

          But the Kessel Run would fulfill two needs a once: (1) The inevitable high speed chase we need and (2) the explanation of what this legendary Run entailed, especially since it has been mentioned in two Trilogies. Must be pretty substantial to have spanned generations! I mark my Vote: PRO-Kessel-Run.

  • TUD

    But you won’t care once you see his performance, presumably.

  • Arec Baldrin (alias Grant)

    I wasn’t a fair of the suburban looking Corellia of the old EU but anything is better than ANOTHER desert planet.

  • thx1139

    We dont need another desert planet

  • Luz

    It would be nice if he meets Maz Kanata in this movie and she has a vision of his fate, even his death, and she give him advise…
    “…avoid metal gangways in first order compounds”
    “!!!??? first order!!”