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Brief Description of Three Shots from The Last Jedi Teaser Trailer!

Exotic City from “The Art of TFA”


We are less than a month away from this year’s Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, where the first The Last Jedi teaser trailer will premiere. We continue to hear from multiple sources that the teaser won’t hit before that. Recently, we have also learned about three specific shots that will be shown in the teaser. They are not huge spoilers, actually one of them confirms an old rumor but still, if you want to remain completely unspoiled don’t read on.






Without further ado, here’s what we learned from a source, who saw a brief footage from the unfinished teaser, and who has proved to be credible in the past:


  • There will be a shot of a large city of some sorts.
  • Also there will be what looks to be an important procession and a feast.
  • There is a ship which looks to be a new design or an X-Wing of sorts appearing above a blue planet at high speed. 


When we asked for further clarification, the source said that the first two shots appear to be a funeral of some type and “an important dinner” (not sure if we got that right). The extras involved were all dressed in black, and the city had an old look, not futuristic.  And the shot with the ship looked to be an X-Wing model, which zooms on the screen at an alarming rate.


Exotic City from “The Art of TFA”


The mentioned big city is most likely the Exotic City from The Force Awakens art book, which will probably be reused in The Last Jedi (see title image and image above). You can check our article on why we think Dubrovnik is a stand in for the Exotic City from last year here.


The information about the funeral kind of reminds me about the Han Solo’s funeral rumors that started way back during the filming in Dubrovnik in March, 2016. You can read our speculation on that story from almost a year ago here. What’s interesting is that our source is actually not a Star Wars fan, and he is definitely not following the rumors surrounding The Last Jedi. So it’s curious that he used the word funeral, pretty much confirming that rumored scene. In our piece from last year we speculated that this planet could be Han Solo’s home planet Corellia, because some of the guards spotted on set had the letters CBPD on their helmets, and it would really make sense Solo to be buried on his home planet. Not to mention that this will be a good opportunity for The Last Jedi to introduce us to Corellia, since it will be most likely used in the Han Solo spin-off as well.


The way our source mentioned that scene, it suggests that there will be an exterior shot with a procession, and an interior shot with what appears to be “an important dinner”.


Filming in Dubrovnik


The photo above is from the Dubrovnik filming, on which many of the reports about the funeral found their basis. However, we first thought that these dark robes are actually used to hide the costumes of the extras. But hey could really be part of that procession that our friend saw. I guess we will find out soon enough. Showing Han Solo’s funeral in TLJ has always made sense to me. Han’s death is a huge plot point, affecting all of the main characters and we definitely should see its impact in The Last Jedi, showing people paying their respects to the old pirate and hero of the Rebellion.


There is really not much to discuss about the last bit of information. We only know that this is a newly designed ship that looks similar to an X-Wing. This blue planet could be Ahch-To or a completely new world.



It’s interesting that both shots were not mentioned along with the descriptions of the footage recently shown at Disney’s shareholders meeting. This means that the teaser will be different from what was shown there. Many people were wondering if we will get the same thing, but the answer to that question is “no”.


Also our source told us that TLJ teaser will immediately be put online after it debuts at Celebration Orlando, unlike the Rogue One teaser from last year, which was only shown for the attendees. This was expected, since the situation is different this time. Last year Rogue One already had a teaser before Celebration.



So, as I said, these are not groundbreaking revelations here, but it’s the little things that make the waiting even more exciting. We’re pretty confident with our source, but as always take this with a grain of salt. You can never be too sure.


April 14 can’t come quick enough.