The Resistance Broadcast – Episode 56 – Family Matters: Star Wars Edition

In this episode we dive into our thoughts on when to expect Star Wars: The Last Jedi content. We talk about new actor roles and how they are being considered by the TRB podcast group. We talk about the upcoming Empire’s End release coming up on February 21 and the exclusive offer from Barnes & Noble. We go deep into talking about Thrawn from the original conception and giving our thanks to Timothy Zahn who will be at Star Wars Celebration Orlando. Also, The Clone Wars is potentially coming to the end of its run on Netflix on March 7 and is due for a renewal of its contract. Could it stay? We have to wait and see. Go binge-watch it while you still can.


The final episodes of Rebels S3 get titles and full descriptions and give us an idea of what to expect as we approach the very end of this season and get ready for what comes next in Rebels at SWCO from Filoni and the folks at Lucasfilm Animation. Hasbro has some amazing new toys coming out from the end of their Rogue One line and a new line of Star Wars 40th Anniversary edition toys coming some time most likely in May. Star Wars and Doctor Aphra comics crossover in May with a new comic adventure: Screaming Citadel.


Host: Ganon136

Guests: Darth Zloi and Pomojema





Rebels returns to Disney XD this Saturday, February 18 with “Legacy of Mandalore”


Go check out Darth Zloi’s editorial on the Force and the direction Lucasfilm is taking it HERE.


The fan-made George Lucas Special Edition TFA Trailer:




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