Star Wars Weekly Buzz: Laura Dern Talks The Last Jedi, Harrison Ford Close to Another Flying Incident and More

Rogue One art by Josh Kushins


On this week’s Buzz:

Laura Dern shares her excitement for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Felicity Jones and Riz Ahmed to present awards at the Oscars, Hasbro and Sideshow Collectibles reveal even more new Star Wars toys, Harrison Ford flies casual again, the latest from Pablo Hidalgo and more.



Today we start with this heartbreaking photo of Carrie Fisher and her daughter Billie Lourd on The Force Awakens set. The photo is from the latest issue of Star Wars Insider, which has a special Carrie Fisher tribute section written by Tricia Barr. Make sure to get the latest issue and read it.





The official Star Wars site shared an interesting article on Star War collecting, after nearly 40 years of fandom:





An interesting fact on Maz Kanata’s statue in front of her castle, just in time for Valentine’s Day:





Recently Rian Johnson shared a photo with First Order Stormtrooper on The Last Jedi set. One of the troopers had his helmet off and because of a slight similarity many people speculated that this was Tom Hardy. From the below post by Lucasfilm Story Group’s Matt Martin, it appears that this is just a random guy, who is now a star.





Rogue One stars Felicity Jones and Riz Ahmed have been announced to present awards at this year’s Oscars:





Rogue One is on the cover of the latest Cinefex magazine, dedicated to the best VFX movies in the industry:





Harrison Ford had another flying incident with a happy ending:






Sideshow Collectibles has just revealed their latest toy of Rey with BB-8. Check it out + the press release:



Standing over 20” tall from the bottom of her sand-filled shoes to the tip of her trademark staff, this limited edition figure captures Rey’s likeness so perfectly that it is almost like a snapshot of a moment in time.
Every piece of her outfit has been painstakingly reproduced for the utmost screen accuracy and authenticity. From the painstakingly crafted and expertly painted sculpture, to the textured fabric of her garments and accessories, every miniature detail, fold, seam, and stitch, has been duplicated exactly.
The Sideshow Exclusive version of this Premium Format Figure also features Rey’s Rebel X-Wing helmet. A relic scavenged from the wreckage on Jakku.
When it is time to decide on the presentation of your Rey Premium Format Figure you could choose to display Rey as a stand-alone piece, or, you could place her next to a cute little droid companion!
BB-8 quickly became an office favorite here at Sideshow HQ, and it is our pleasure to offer him for the first time in our flagship Premium Format. We’ve captured every subtle nuance of BB-8’s ingenious design,  from the surprisingly soulful and character filled “eyes” of his photoreceptor, to the stained, scratched and dirty panels of his spherical body, each little detail helps to make this chirpy little Astromech come to life and steal your heart.
Both BB-8’s head and torso feature integrated LED light up features, bringing another layer of screen-accurate detail as well as added visual charm to this adorable BB unit.
The Sideshow Exclusive variant BB-8 features a swap-out panel with an extended welding tool giving a “thumbs up” gesture.





Hasbro reveals more new Star Wars toys ahead of Toy Fair in New York:




Also the official t-shirt for Star Wars Celebration Orlando has been revealed:




Speaking of toys, here’s a good point on the latest packaging for The Last Jedi:






Actress Laura Dern, who is part of The Last Jedi cast, was very close to revealing something about the movie, but alas. 🙂






Dasiy Ridley, Felicity Jones and Riz Ahmed at the BAFTAs:





From this spring BB-8 will greet guests at Disney’s Hollywood Studios:






That’s really cool. Check out what Obi-Wan’s bullets are made from:






Adam Driver appears in the latest Snickers ad:






The latest from Pablo Hidalgo:









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Stay tuned for more next week.



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    • February 17, 2017 at 11:15 pm

      Maybe he should cut back on the sugar intake

  • February 17, 2017 at 10:01 pm

    Re: “Did you know…” Maz Statue – gift from former husband
    Yeah… but did you know that Wookies in particular like to give statues as gifts?!

    Re: Ford – “flying incident with a happy ending”
    I thought he said in an interview (Ellen?) that he wasn’t a member of the “mile high club”?! Confused.

  • February 17, 2017 at 11:16 pm

    2 near misses in 2 years? Time for Grandpa Ford to turn in his plane keys.

    • February 18, 2017 at 12:54 am

      Re: “2 near misses in 2 years?”

      What was the other “near miss” you reference?

      I’m only aware of the other time his plane had equipment failure & he was still able to land it successfully on a golf course.

        • February 18, 2017 at 2:26 am

          Re: “Successful plane landing? No”

          Successful plane landing, YES!
          Ask any pilot – this was a success!

          You stated – “take keys away”, which prompted my asking what you were referring to.
          So if you have some relative who crashes there car because the brakes/steering goes out – you’d suggest “taking their keys away”?! Seriously?!

          It was a mechanical failure & he was able to land the plane.

          Re: 1999 helicopter crash
          Just read-up on this & it does appear that that one was avoidable. That Ford was practising emergency procedures.

          He had completed one ‘auto-rotation’ but on his second he was ‘late bringing in the power’, according to the documents.

          As a result, when Ford attempted to recover, the helicopter engine did not respond quickly enough and the aircraft began plummeting to the ground.

          Still…your photo of the plane is inappropriate.
          Ford managed to land the craft under circumstances where another less experienced/skilled pilot might’ve caused loss of life.

          • February 18, 2017 at 5:12 am

            So any time a plane goes from the air to any part of the land that doesn’t result in death is a “successful plane landing,” even when the plane is destroyed and the pilot is sent to the hospital with multiple serious injuries? A plane crash is a plane crash, regardless of the cause, either by mechanical failure, weather, or pilot error. Sorry, that was a non-fatal plane crash. The cause not being his fault doesn’t make it any less of a crash.

          • February 18, 2017 at 6:36 am

            Re: “So any time a plane goes from the air to any part of the land that doesn’t result in death”
            Look, I’ve flown small planes, many of my friends have small planes & are pilots… we talk about these things.
            So sorry if it’s a bit counter-intuitive, but YES!

            Ask a pilot … a “smooth landing” is any landing you can “walk away from”. 😉
            Yeah, Ford was carted away, but it wasn’t catastrophic (zero death).
            They’d probably classify that as a “ok/good landing”.

            On a related note, I’m assuming you’ve flown commercial jets… when they tell you about your “flotation device”, “should a water landing be necessary”.

            You do realize he was touted as being a hero for that landing, yes?
            Ford was NOT at fault & should NOT have “his keys taken away” due to that landing.

          • February 24, 2017 at 11:11 pm

            OK, so you just wanted to make some ageist dig against Ford cause “he’s old”.

            Now point to a study showing # of incidents vs # of hours in air that can be used to demonstrate Ford’s some dangerous outlier in safety & then you could have something to build that case.

        • February 18, 2017 at 4:20 am

          he’s more successful at getting it in the fairway then i am at least. 😉

    • February 18, 2017 at 2:32 am

      Doesn’t he have to have his licence reviewed now. It ain’t looking good, perhaps he should have flown the Falcon for a little longer.

  • February 18, 2017 at 5:17 pm

    “What’s happening in the next Star Wars, Daisy?”

    “It’s a really great movie! It’s set in a remote galaxy, a long time ago. There are people, aliens and even droids. We get to see several planets, and people also fly around in spaceships. There are heroes and bad guys. They are fighting with amazing weapons called ‘light sabers’, which are like laser swords. And there is also this incredible thing called ‘the Force’, which is like a supernatural energy field some people can tap into to do all sorts of impossible things! So yes, you have ton of stuff to look forward to in ‘The Last Jedi’! I’ve probably given away too much already!”

  • February 21, 2017 at 12:28 am

    “Sideshow Collectibles has just revealed their latest toy of Rey with BB-8. Check it out + the press release” Shut up and take my money!!!!!!!!

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