Star Wars Weekly Buzz: Bob Iger Comments on The Last Jedi, Hasbro Reveals New Toys for Star Wars’ 40th Anniversary and More

Rogue One Art by Matt Allsopp


This week on the Weekly Buzz we have: Bob Iger comments on The Last Jedi, Rosario Dawson wants to play Ahsoka Tano, Jimmy Smits talks Rogue One, new toy reveals from Hasbro for Star Wars’ 40th anniversary, Timothy Zahn is coming to Star Wars Celebration Orlando and more.



Inside The Magic reports that Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed during a conference call that he might extend his contract with the company for the third time in the last years, mainly because of the lack of a satisfactory successor.




Also Iger shared his impressions about The Last Jedi. Obviously he saw an early cut of the movie, and not surprising to anyone, he loved it. 🙂

And of course his quote about the “Skywalker family saga” was quickly picked by the fans, who started reading too much into it.






Actress Rosario Dawson was sent a tweet from a fan asking her, if she would be interested in playing Ahsoka Tano in a potential feature film about the fan favorite Togruta. Dawson reacted with great excitement, even using one of the popular Ahsoka hashtags #AhsokaLives, showing familiarity with the character.




So what do you think? Is she a good fit? Not that we’re getting such movie any time soon, but…. Here’s a cool fan art:






ABC News has an interesting article on how some of the classic Star Wars ships have been build for The Force Awakens and Rogue One:

It’s no wonder the Millennium Falcon is the “fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy.” It’s part Ferrari.

“The Y-Wing is actually a Saturn V rocket kit,” Paul explained. ”This is the main fuselage of the rocket kit, but it actually was used directly to make the engines of a Y-Wing.”

If you know where to look, you can also spot pieces of a German World War II-era tank on the bridge of a Star Destroyer.


For the full article click on the link in the tweet below:






In an interview with Rotten Tomatoes, actor Jimmy Smits spoke briefly about his returning to the role of Bail Organa in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. When asked whether he did reshoots or any alternate versions of his scenes, Smits referred to the pivotal scene that included a conversation between Mon Mothma and Bail as the reason why he returned to a galaxy far, far away.

“No. That was one of the reasons why I did it, because that little scene there meant a lot to me. I’m so happy that the film has done well, because it meant a lot, I think, to the franchise to do this whole thing that the standalone films would be just as substantive and good as the others, so that they can have a life themselves.”





The official Star Wars Celebration site announced that Rogue One star Felicity Jones, Jeremy Bulloch, who played Boba Fett in the Original Trilogy, and Emperor Sheev Palpatine himself Ian McDiarmid will be at Star Wars Celebration Orlando!







Speaking of Celebration Orlando, fan favorite author Timothy Zahn will also be joining the highly anticipated fan event, which happens to be just a week after his new novel Thrawn is released. Zahn announced his appearance via his Facebook account:







Rogue One director Gareth Edwards was at the Visual Effects Society awards:



Unfortunately Rogue One didn’t win a single award, although it had the most nominations – 7. You can check the full list of winners HERE. After these results it’s a pretty safe bet that the Oscar for Best Visual Effects will most likely go to The Jungle Book, as many expected.

For comparison, The Force Awakens won 4 VES awards, again from 7 nominations, but the competition this year was really tough.






Here comes Part 3 of the Josh Gad and Daisy Ridley saga: The Quest for More The Last Jedi Answers. This time with some help from Judi Dench.






Hasbro sent us several hi-res photos with some new reveals for the 40th anniversary of Star Wars that include highly detailed Star Wars The Black Series 3.75-inch Titanium Series Diecast figures based on A New Hope, including Princess Leia, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Obi Wan Kenobi, and Han Solo, as well as Black Series Luke Skywalker Centerpiece figure, Black Series Obi Wan Kenobi Force FX Lightsaber, and new Star Wars Monopoly 40th Anniversary Edition.

Check them out:


(Ages 14 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $49.99/Available: Fall 2017)
Showcase some of the most incredible STAR WARS battle scenes like never before! Each CENTERPIECE Figure Dramatic Moments collection features iconic scenes enhanced with premium light and sound effects. Look for the LUKE SKYWALKER figure inspired by the battle from STAR WARS: THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. Each figure sold separately.



(Ages 4 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $14.99/Available: Spring 2017)
This highly detailed scale of action figures allows fans to recreate epic scenes from STAR WARS EPISODE IV: A NEW HOPE. Inspired by the 40th Anniversary of the first STAR WARS film, each iconic figure represents a notable character, including DARTH VADER, HAN SOLO, LUKE SKYWALKER, PRINCESS LEIA, and OBI-WAN KENOBI, in impeccable movie-real design. Each figure features a dynamic, double-sided backdrop and character-specific accessory, allowing fans to recreate iconic moments. Even better, collect each individual backdrop to piece together a bigger STAR WARS scene. Each figure sold separately.



(HASBRO/Ages 8 years & up/ Players: 2-6/Approx. Retail Price: $29.99/Available: Spring 2017)
Celebrate four decades of STAR WARS history with MONOPOLY! Featuring graphics of iconic characters and classic movie moments from STAR WARS EPISODE IV: A NEW HOPE, this 40th ANNIVERSARY Edition Game takes you back to when it all began. Based on classic gameplay with an intergalactic twist, players can travel around the galaxy and build bases and fleets. When every space is owned, count up the fleets & bases. The player with the most spaces on the winning side is the ultimate winner! The MONOPOLY: STAR WARS 40th Anniversary Edition Game includes 1 Game board, 6 Tokens, 28 Title cards, 16 Force cards, 16 Smuggler’s Cargo cards, 32 Fleets, 12 Bases, 2 Dice, and 1 Money Pack.



(Ages Adult/Approx. Retail Price: $179.99/Available: Fall 2017)
The power of the Force is in your hands with the STAR WARS: THE BLACK SERIES FORCE FX LIGHTSABER! This incredibly detailed weapon features a quality metal hilt, built-in accelerometer, realistic light effects, and battle-clash sounds. Become a master of the Force like OBI-WAN KENOBI. Each lightsaber sold separately and includes a clear display stand. Requires 3 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries, not included.


All of the listed items are available at most major retailers and on





Some photos from Disney’s Expo in Japan:










The American Society of Cinematographers posted a very cool interview with Rogue One Production Designer Doug Chiang, discussing the aesthetics of the Star Wars galaxy.






And lastly, here’s a very informative article by “Art of VFX” on the Rogue One VFX that you might have missed:







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Stay tuned for more next week.



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  • February 10, 2017 at 7:54 pm

    wait… are they bringing back the force fx lightsabers? Inlcuding the iconic, luke slywalker one?

  • February 10, 2017 at 7:56 pm

    Judi Dench! XD

    Other than, it seems that we’re just as puzzled as Josh is when it comes to The Last Jedi to say the least. 😛

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    The emperor is coming here?
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    but he ask the impossible I need more men. We shall double our efforts.
    I hope so commander for your sake, the emperor is not as forgiving as I am…

  • February 10, 2017 at 10:05 pm

    I know a lot of people think what Disney is doing with Star Wars is lame, but honestly I think Iger is a genius. Having Disney expand their IP and buying Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars were great moves. Bob Iger should stick around for a little while longer.

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    No Pablo spot?

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      He answers stupid questions. There you go, there’s your spot.

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    I would say now Rey is 100% not a Skywalker, cause if she is, Bob Iger would definitely not say that in that way

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      Lol….You don’t know that.

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      They’ve already said skywalker saga a few times when promoting the movie, there’s luke, leia, and kylo who sure still count as skywalker family line

    • February 12, 2017 at 2:35 am

      You are reading far too much into it.

      The episodes have to do with the Skywalkers. That’s all he meant.

  • February 11, 2017 at 1:09 am

    there are already three skywalkers in TLJ to continue the skywalker story.

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      They’ll be a fourth.

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    So excited for timothy z. at celebration 🙂

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    I was actually kind of excited to see the monopoly set because I had a star wars monopoly set when I was younger, but it’s fallen apart over the years. Problem being I looked at the new one and the properties are not really locations but scenes from the movie, that just feels weird in the concept of monopoly to me

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