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UPDATE: International Titles for Star Wars: The Last Jedi Suggest That “Jedi” is Plural!

Since the announcement that Star Wars Episode VIII would feature the subtitle of The Last Jedi, there’s been a bounty of speculation on whether “Jedi” is singular or plural (as the plural form of “Jedi” is “Jedi”). Just now, we got a big hint from the official French Star Wars Twitter account that the title could refer to multiple characters instead of just Luke Skywalker.





As you can see, the title is listed as Les Derniers Jedi. Obviously, the grammatical structure of this particular title is the same as it is in English. However, the middle word is what could be potentially revealing. “Last” may be spelled two different ways in the French language with two completely different connotations – “Dernier” is singular, while “Derniers” is plural. The obvious takeaway is that the French are treating “Jedi” as though it is plural.


Some would take this as a sign that “Jedi”, in this case, is absolutely plural in the English version of the movie name, along with all subsequent translations. However, when it comes to translating English to a foreign language for the purposes of marketing something like a movie, it’s to my understanding that the general meaning of a word can take precedence over making grammatical sense. I do not speak French, but this information seems to line up with what actual French reports are writing about this subject. Any additional insight on language barriers from anyone familiar with the language would be greatly appreciated.



Special thanks to The Cantina user Bandini for pointing this story out to us.





It seems that we have the same situation in Spain as well:





Italy revealed their title as well:




Germany is also in on this:




Along with Portugal/Brazil:




So it definitely looks as though there’s a pattern going on here. Perhaps it might not be too early to presume that the title is plural after all!