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Rumors Regarding Star Wars Episode VIII’s Three Newcomers.


The rumor train over at Making Star Wars has started up again after a relative dearth of information concerning Rogue One‘s production (aside from a few key points about the movie’s story, such as the importance of Galen Erso and Darth Vader to the movie’s plot). About a year and one month out from the release of the film, the site has discovered a few details regarding Episode VIII‘s three new characters (portrayed by Laura Dern, Benicio Del Toro, and Kelly Marie Tran) – specifically, what they wear and what they look like. (Image above courtesy of Screen Rant.)


I should note that there are no real spoilers here, as the characters are described solely by appearance; story elements are hinted at by the article’s author, but there’s nothing that will ruin the movie for you. Still, if you want to wait to see what these characters look like, this is your last warning – you can still hit that back button on your browser.


Benicio del Toro has been described as a classic “man in black.” As in he wears all black and he’s dangerous. His character is clean shaven with hair not unlike Poe Dameron’s in length. While The Wrap let us know he was up for the role of the bad guy in the film sometime ago, it doesn’t appear the heroes see del Toro as a bad guy, at least not at first. We think he’s connected to the casino set we talked about sometime ago. On paper it sounds a little close to Lando Calrissian in The Empire Strikes Back but before you panic, there are some details we’re still working on that make that appear to a bit of a stretch. We’ll have more to report on Episode VIII’s “man in black” in the future.

So from the sounds of things, it appears as though Benicio Del Toro will in fact be playing someone with a background in the criminal underworld of the setting – which, given his body of work as an actor, would be a rather unsurprising case of type-casting. It would make sense if the New Republic was founded on a degree of corruption given that it went up against the vast resources of the Empire, so it wouldn’t be too surprising to see either the New Republic or its offshoot of the Resistance having to make friends in low places to survive.

Laura Dern

Laura Dern is probably the most bombastic of the new characters from the rumors we’ve heard. She is very aristocratic and fancy in a way we haven’t really seen in Star Wars before. Her look is unique. Someone compared her design to The Hunger Games-meets-Star Wars. Dern wears a “fancy” dress and her hair is like something out of the prequels. The biggest defining detail of this new character played by Laura Dern is that she has pink hair in Star Wars: Episode VIII. Sources are at a loss for words when they tried to describe her hair which is very ornate, almost like something out of the Outlander Club in Attack of the Clones.

So with the whole “pink hair” thing, it’s probably safe to throw the popular fan theory that Laura Dern could be playing an older version of Evaan Verlaine out the window. With such an odd choice of hair color, there’s even a chance that Dern may be playing a near-human alien. In any case, it seems as though her character fits the profile of a New Republic official to a tee, and it’s possible that we may already know her character’s name through existing lore regarding post-ROTJ canon.


One other thing of note – MSW also has a picture of an extra wearing a pink (or, more accurately, purple) wig from the Dubrovnik shoot on their site; they presume that this extra may be a body double for Laura Dern’s character, though they note that this may not be the case.


In the near future we will have details to share on a jumpsuited Kelly Marie Tran and her role in the film and how she ends up tangled up with Finn in their shared story. Her look is almost the opposite of Dern’s character. She’s just very normal looking but her situation is supposedly really cool. We’ll have more on Finn and Kelly Marie Tran in the near future we can share.

Bossk from The Empire Strikes Back is the only Star Wars character that comes to mind when jumpsuits are mentioned, so if the costume for Kelly Marie Tran’s character looks anything like that, then we should be good. It should be very interesting to see how her story with Finn plays out, as John Boyega and Daisy Ridley have both mentioned that her role is pretty substantial for Episode VIII.


So what do you think of these particular revelations? How do you think these characters are going to influence the Sequel Trilogy’s story going forward? Let us know in the comments below.