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Star Wars Battlefront: Death Star Trailer.


DICE have just unveiled their latest paid expansion to Star Wars Battlefront: Death Star. Check inside for a trailer showing off Battle Station mode and take a good look at the renders for the new characters.







Death Star features a campaign-like mode called Battle Station, which – depending on which side you play as – involves repelling or carrying out an assault on a Star Destroyer, protecting or extracting a droid, and halting or successfully blowing up the Death Star itself in a single, multi-phase gameplay session. New spacecraft units are featured in this expansion – Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing and Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced – along with new stages, weapons, and power-ups. The official site also has an in-depth look at both of the new Hero/Villain characters – Chewbacca and Bossk, respectively. Have a look at their in-game renders below: