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UPDATE! Indie Revolver Knights of Ren and New Maz Kanata Concept Art!

25 Kylo Ren entersThe lads over at Indie Revolver have released some concept art they say depicts other members of the “Knights of Ren”. Hit the jump to see the latest on this mysterious order.



If you wish to see the pieces in question you can find them HERE.


The concept art is very reminiscent of Kylo Ren’s design with inspiration coming from medieval knight’s armor. Two pieces in particular reminded me of pieces I’ve seen in my past. As a child I visited several famous armor museums throughout Western Europe and as soon as I saw them my instincts kicked in reminded me of 15th-16th century light cavalry helmet called a “sallet”.




You can see similar inspiration in the helmet of what I believe is a reconstruction piece, it’s not a light cavalry piece based on the full plate design of the armor but the helmet still fits.





You can look up “sallet” on google image search and find lots of helmets similar to the ones shown in IR’s concept art. A “crusader” type theme with Kylo Ren has been noticed by several users in the cantina both with the design of the mask/lightsaber and rumors concerning his actions and motivations.



Whether or not these designs were used they are notable in that the Knights of Ren are depicted with lightsabers, something people such as myself have been somewhat unsure on. But I will be talking more about the Knights of Ren at a later date, so until then head over to Indie Revolver to admire the art and post your thoughts here or as always, in The Cantina.







IndieRevolver revealed yet another concept art from The Force Awakens. It’s another look at an early Maz Kanata concept art. You can check it out HERE. As we’ve seen from the second teaser, Maz will look slightly different in the movie.


Maz Kanata