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The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer #2: A Shot-By-Shot Analysis


There was plenty to feast your eyes on yesterday with the debut of The Force Awakens second teaser.  We have a little bit better idea of the look and feel for the new film, but let’s take a closer look to see what we might have missed.  Here’s our shot by shot analysis of the trailer.


LFL Logo


0:10–  A new, sleek look for the Lucasfilm Ltd. logo


0:15-0:20–  John William’s sweeping intro as we fade into the desert planet of Jakku,




0:22-0:31– A wrecked Star Destroyer, it’s front half buried underground in what looks like a crash landing.  The remains of an old X-Wing in the foreground.  It would imply a pretty serious battle took place above or on this planet, and judging from the wear on both these spacecrafts remains, it was some time ago.


0:34– Luke Skywalker says “The Force is strong in my family…” after we fade to black from the wreckage.  It is dialogue taken from Return of the Jedi, specifically the scene where Luke tells Leia she is his sister.




0:40-0:43– Darth Vader’s warped mask.  It appears to be the same one we saw burning on Endor, 35-years-ago from where we see it now.  It looks to be resting on an Imperial examining table, judging from the black chrome surface under it.  Luke says in the narration:  “My father has it…”  This appears to be a reveal, as someone (presumably Kylo Ren or the other baddie), is standing in the foreground as the camera pans around their side.




0:45-0:50– R2-D2, positioned next to a campfire or some source of fire, embers floating from a source off camera.  A hooded figure, knelt down next to him, we can assume is Luke, as his narration says “I have it…”.  His cyborg right hand extends from the robe and is placed gently on R2.  This is could be part of the much speculated “flashback” or something else, but the fabric surrounding Luke’s arm is an outfit we have not seen.  If it’s Jedi robes, it’s very close to the tone of A New Hope’s Obi-Wan Kenobi garb.




0:52-0:56– A small, orangish hand lifts Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber up to a human hand we can assume to be Leia’s or someone related to Leia, as Luke’s narration states “My sister has it…”.  For a quick second, 0:53, you can make out the profile of the orangish alien.


0:59-1:00– Black screen, Luke’s narration “…you have that power, too…”


1:01-1:05– Titles “This Christmas”




1:06-1:07– X-Wing squadron, swooping down over a lake, dipping the tip of their wings and splashing the surface.  We have seen this squadron in a much tighter formation in the first trailer, so it’s cool to see more free style flying.




1:07-1:08– Poe Dameron cheering himself on.  Note the orange and black flight helmet. Who is now confirmed to be piloting the black X-Wing.


1:09– Kylo Ren bringing his lightsaber down upon an unfortunate victim.


Rey and Finn


1:09-1:10– Rey and Finn running from the desert city we have seen in leaked photos.  Explosions and a descending TIE Fighter in the upper left corner of the frame.  Rey is holding some sort of staff weapon.  Finn is dressed in civilian clothing.  BB-8 rolls behind them both.


Kylo Ren


1:11– Kylo Ren brings up his hand in either a Force push or choke.  Note, the Stormtroopers in the background appear to be surrounding a scared looking civilian population, flames lighting up the night.  And is that a moisture vaporator in the background?




1:13– A legion of Stormtroopers, a black and white TIE Fighter, appear to be gathered below a platform under their leader (too far away to tell if it is Kylo Ren) with an Imperial insignia banner behind him.  This appears to be some sort of base or fortress, as it is flanked by laser cannons on both sides of the Imperial banner.  As the camera pans down, the Stormtroopers appear to be turning to look at something.




1:14– Rey looking up at someone, skeptical and nervous


Tie Fighter


1:15– Two chrome and black TIE Fighters swooping down through black smoke of whatever they just destroyed.




1:16-1:17– A TIE Fighter blasting Stormtroopers as they fire on it.  One could speculate this is Finn’s escape and defection from the Empire.




1:17-1:19– Finn, hastily removing his Stormtrooper helmet (not the bloody fingermarks on the helmet), and looking very upset.  Note the reflections of in his armor are flames and the background of the shot appears to be the transport from the first teaser trailer that carried the Stormtrooper platoon.


Star Destroyer


1:19-1:20– Kylo Ren’s ship, flanked by three ships of a design we have not yet seen, approaching a Star Destroyer.  Note, the Star Destroyer is also a new design, it’s pointed end of the hull much flatter and extended than Original Trilogy ones.




1:20-1:21– Hello Chrome Trooper (possibly Captain Phasma), wearing a scarlet-trim, black-cape, carrying a large chrome rifle, and passing through a portion of an Imperial corridor that appears to have been attacked (the left side looks like the after effects of an explosion or large laser blast).




1:21– BB-8 nervously poking his head around the corner of the Millennium Falcon’s corridor


1:22– Rey, looking concerned and distressed.




1:23-1:25– A scared Finn, sweating from heat and nerves, taking a hand that is offered to help him up off the ground.




1:26-1:28– The Millennium Falcon on it’s getaway, swooping around the wreckage of a Super Star Destroyer (not the shape and size of the wrecked thrusters), and eventually into the remains, followed by two TIE Fighters.  It could be speculated that the Millennium Falcon is making a getaway and speed is the only thing they have on their side, since we have yet to see them fire back.  Something might be wrong with the Falcon, ala The Empire Strikes Back.  We will see :).




1:28-1:29– The TIE Fighter cockpit.  Flight suit of Imperial pilot appears to be a chrome variety.


1:29-1:30– More shots fired at the Millennium Falcon, this time the shots hit the innards of the wreckage they are flying through causing an explosion.


1:33– Black screen, silence, and a familiar voice.  Han Solo says, “Chewie…”


Han & Chewie


1:35-1:37– Fade-in to Han Solo, dressed in the usual white shirt but with a beat-up brown leather jacket, his blaster raised but his face warm with nostalgia.  Chewbacca, standing beside him, crossbow raised as well.  Han Solo says with disbelief, “We’re home”.  Chewie roars in confirmation.


1:38-1:45– Title card for “Star Wars The Force Awakens”.