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Star Wars Celebration Anaheim: Regarding the Canon.


The masters discuss the new canon going forward in the Star Wars universe.


While I’m not in a position to write an extensive essay for an article right now, I feel this information is important to report. So without further ado, I give you a list of major points that were discussed at this panel.

  • One cohesive saga across all media is being told going forward with the new setting.
  • A goal of the Lucasfilm Story Group is to make sure that no real conflicts in storytelling take place in regards to continuity errors.
  • The concept of the LSG was Kathleen Kennedy’s idea, and it helps with the flood of the rapidly-increasing amount of canonical content being made.
  • The old EU (Legends) was completely liquidated to avoid playing favorites; it was described as being a tough call, though completely necessary.
  • Legends are used as source material for filling in some details (such as the physical size and mass of the Death Star).
  • Legends re-canonization only happens when it makes sense (Hutts are no longer hermaphrodites for this reason).
  • The Empire does not immediately invade Yavin IV immediately after the Death Star is destroyed.
  • Kanan was the first comic that Lucasfilm did not initially request, but it was proposed by an employee; the relationship between LSG’s orders and the requests of the writers is described as a two-way street.
  • They seriously want Jaxxon back in the canon.
  • Journey To The Force Awakens is a multimedia project set to appear in September and will help newcomers jump into the franchise.
  • J. J. Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy approve of the LSG’s actions thus far.
  • Battlefront: Twilight Company is the tie-in novel for the Battlefront video game; video games are described as an important medium for the overall narrative.
  • LSG thinks that the new, canonical stories are some of the best that have come out in the history of the franchise.
  • Rebels is said to have been easier for the LSG to get into and work with than The Clone Wars was.
  • Novelizations and comic adaptations retelling the OT and PT to fit the new canon are low priority due to an abundance new content, but LSG is interested in revisiting the movies in a different way to clear things up canonically.
  • Disney helps Lucasfilm with an international approach to creating a greater amount of content.
  • An LSG credit on a work does not necessarily mean that the work is canon (The Old Republic being an example).
  • Legends stories may not be left unresolved forever, but revisiting them is not a priority now. Once the new continuity is fully established, continuations of Legends stories are potentially possible. Fan-favorite Legends characters can come back if the stories require them and can do them justice.
  • Canon Old Republic Era stories are not planned for the immediate future, but could happen eventually.
  • The LSG exists to prevent a system like the canon-tiers from being re-created, and all projects are being approached in such a way that everything will make sense.
  • Published books are meant to stand on their own, but also tie into the films.
  • The Darth Plagueis novel, which was alluded to in Tarkin, is not necessarily canon even though it is alluded to (although the details about the character in Tarkin are).
  • LSG describes everything as being non-canonical until they pull an idea forward and make it canon.
  • Multiple-book series (with or without rotating authors) are not planned anytime soon; nothing on the scale of New Jedi Order is planned to be made as far as novels go.


All in all, it was a really cool experience, and it’s interesting to hear about how the canon will go forward from here on out.